A Comprehensive Guide to Mansard Loft Conversions

If you are considering a loft conversion for adding maximum space to your property, then a mansard extension can be an excellent option. Named after Francois Mansart, a renowned French architect, mansard loft conversions utilize the entire available roof space and extend the slope outwards for providing maximum space. These lofts are a vital component of European architecture and can be found in old buildings like the Louvre Museum in Paris. A mansard loft has a flat roof and the windows are small dormers that can be found at the sides.

When you choose a mansard loft conversion, the roof is extended in a manner that it has three sides rather than the usual two. This requires extensive work and planning, which increases your construction costs. While it may not be pocket-friendly, you should know that a mansard loft-conversion is an investment that pays off in the long run by increasing the value of your property. A mansard loft-conversion can work for all property types, including semi-detached and detached houses, bungalows and terraced buildings.

With a mansard conversion, you have the option of opting for your favorite exterior design. Everything, from exposed bricks to normal wall constructions to slate tiles, can go with this type of roof extension. It is certainly an excellent option to consider for adding space, but you will need planning permissions because of the extensive changes that have to be made to the roof structure. You also need to have a solid budget for going with a mansard loft conversion, but it also depends on your project. Every project is unique and has its own limitations and requirements.

A mansard loft conversion can also take longer because a significant portion of your roof will require reshaping and removal. It takes longer than other conversions, but the payoff is quite impressive.

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