Buyer’s Guide for the Best Long Slot Toasters

Here are some notes you should take when using a long slot toast to have a perfect meal and preserve your machine with the utmost care.

First of all, you should buy a toaster with extra high lift function and cold walls. Thus, you can easily remove the bread and avoid getting burned. Then, please do not place the toaster on the edge of the dining table because it may drop. Just put in the center of your worktop.

It also may be dangerous for placing paper near the machine or put it on the refrigerator. Its temperature may cause a fire or lousy impact on some surface. If your bread gets stuck inside the machine, you should not use an iron fork or knife to pick it up.

To save time, some people may think that they can put buttered bread in the toaster. However, the butter will melt and damage the appliance and even cause a fire. Moreover, please do not handle your toaster if your hands are wet or soak in water when cleaning.

The toaster is one of the home appliances essential for a convenient breakfast, so choosing the best long slot toaster is essential. Please refer to the following factors:

Slot Features

Here, the features of the slot that I want to talk about is the number, width, and length of the slot. The best long slot toaster can provide one to four slots. Therefore, depending on the number of your family members, choose the number of slots that suit your needs.

As for the width of the device, you should define your preference and what kind of cake you use to bake. A wide slot is better for baking wide cakes and bread. The best toasters will be 10 inches long to accommodate two regular 4.5 “X 4.5” slices of bread.

Adjustable Thermostat

Make sure your long slot toaster has a thermostat or brown setting. Each supply temperature level will be a different brown color. You should also refer to the desired brown color of family members to adjust the temperature accordingly.

Also, thermostats usually come with a reheat feature. This feature is a useful feature for you to enjoy the slices of toast. Reheat is also a good way to keep your toast from burning any further.

Defrost Function

The best long slot toaster models should include a defrost function. This feature allows you to defrost and reheat the bread at the same time. Therefore, the toaster has a defrost function which will help you save a lot of time when preheating.

Cleaning Easily

The best long groove toaster also needs to simplify cleaning. Usually, toasters must have a detachable crumb tray. This tray helps keep your breadcrumbs from scattering on the counter. Therefore, after using the oven, cleaning the crumb tray is enough.


Material is an important factor that you need to consider. The best baking machine should make high-quality material. You can choose stainless steel because it is durable and has a long service life.

You can also opt for a premium plastic mesh toaster. However, make sure it is safe from high temperatures and completely safe with your food.

Insulation Wall

This wall is the part that keeps you safe from the high heat of the toaster. It means that the insulation wall will not drain the heat out and give you a cool crust. You can let your child use the toaster when it has insulated walls.


The power of each long slot toaster will give you some indication as to how well they perform during their toasting cycles. Basically, the higher the wattage here, the more powerful your chosen long slot toaster model will be, meaning thoroughly toasted bread within minutes. Therefore, if you select from the models above that offer 1600 watts, such as the Kenmore Elite 76774, KitchenAid KMT4116CU and Breville BTA730XL you’ll find the toasting time much quicker than say the Russel Hobbs TRL9300GYR, which offers 1200 watts. However, if you are concerned about your energy consumption, this may turn out to be more of personal preference instead.

Extra features

If you’re looking at investing in a long slot toaster because you want to make use of the many added features they boast, you may want to compile a list of what features you prefer best from your chosen model. You may like the addition of an LED countdown display, like the Kenmore Elite 76774 offers, for ease of use or you may want an alarm which you can change the sound level of to suit your immediate environment. You may be a fan of cooking bagels, pastries, and buns and need an additional feature, like the Russel Hobbs TRL9300GYR offers, to enable you to warm these items. Alternatively, you may just want to purchase the best-looking product on the market to enhance the décor in your ultra-modern kitchen! Whatever you choose, there’s no denying that each of the above long slot toasters all have their own unique features which bode well with all customer preferences.


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