Canada, The Favorite country for Immigrants, But With A Cost

Canada, over times, has been established it as one of the best countries to live. Canadian natural resources and weather is beautiful. People are modest and polite. It immediately grows into the visitor. As the political and social chaos wraps around US, people from Asia pacific looks up to Canada for settlement. Economy and healthcare of Canada has been considered among the best in the world. Also people with different expertise have made the country a great example for industrial productivity.

Favorable culture for skilled professionals

Lots of people try to immigrate to Canada for various reasons. The country tops the list of preferred countries for moving into. Let us look at the pros of the country.

  • The natural landscapes are mesmerizing. It has Rocky Mountains, lakes, forests and national parks. The cities like Toronto, Montreal have beautiful cityscapes.
  • Emergency medical treatment in Canada is free. Also the country is known for having world’s one of the best healthcare infrastructure.
  • Canada ranks tenth in world’s largest economy ranking in terms of GDP growth. The primary industries are agriculture and oil. Also manufacturing, IT, financial services contribute a good chunk in Canada’s economy. Canada looks for skilled professionals on these fields from all over the world. So for someone having great skill can always look for jobs in Canadian firms.
  • Primary and secondary education is entirely free in Canada. That endorses the government’s vision of creating skilled human resource.
  • Law and enforcement in Canada is robust. The criminal cases in the country have lowered in last few decades.
  • Canada is a cross culture country. Native people are friendly at its best.

The issues to watch out for

There are also issues an immigrant can face while moving to Canada.

  • Though Canada is equipped with all sorts of facilities, living there is expensive.
  • The country is said to have four seasons. In winters temperature can go as low as -40°C in winters to a staggering 40°C in summers. This is quite extreme.
  • Visa and travelling into the country is costly. Even intra-national flights also are on expensive side. Cost of living and other domestic taxes are also considerably high.
  • As doctors don’t get paid privately for basic and emergency treatments; reputed ones have a tendency of moving to US. It creates lack of experience doctors in some outskirts of the country.
  • Jobs are there. But Canadian firms give priority to North American job experience over Asia –pacific’s.

Get well equipped before moving

There are international moving operators to reduce hardship to move into the vibrant country.  Moving to Canada from Australia can be eased out with all round guidance from these firms. The applicant must be ready to furnish any job offer or employment plan during the visa process. For students it is the scholarship proof or admission detail that matters. Individuals can carry out the formalities on their own. But it is advisable to take the help of the professionals. Shifting to another country is like changing the world around you. So for permanent settlement it is important to move out with most of the belongings, arrange a house and take care of other things as important as these. With proper guidance, living in Canada would prove to be an experience to cherish.


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