How To Get Rid of Mould in Air Ducts

The HVAC (heating, ventilating, air conditioning) systems are generally used to provide thermal control and indoor comfort. In spite of its purpose, problems such as bad weather or badly managed air conditioners can cause mould growth inside the duct system. Mould feed on dust, dirt, dead skin cells, pollen, and animal dander that collects over months inside the duct along with the water that ducts out.

Here are some signs of mould growth to look out for:

  • A strange musty odour will pass throughout the house causing unpleasant discomfort.
  • You experience sudden allergies involving a runny nose, wet eyes and the appearance of rashes on your body.
  • Feeling nauseous, dizzy when you’re at home.
  • Signs of irritation in the throat, noses and eyes when you step into an air-conditioned room.

This may affect the overall air quality of your surroundings which you would have to consider cleaning.

Removing Moulds from Your HVAC System

Usually getting a professional A/C duct cleaning service to do the job for you would be the best solution, but you also try removing moulds yourself by choosing a reliable cleaning solution. But this would be the most crucial key factor in getting rid of them in your air ducts successfully

You can use household detergent (a tablespoon), baking soda (½ tablespoon) and water (a cup). Also wearing safety clothes would be preferred. Start by turning off the heating/cooling vents, then the mouldy areas can be thoroughly scrubbed with a brush or wet rag. Afterwards, repeat the process for extensive mould infestation and then you can dispose of the rags in trash bags once you’re done making sure no presence of a small colony is there for re-infestation.

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