Wallet-Friendly Updates

For many of us, any kind of remodeling in our home can be a daunting task. From the budget to figuring out which products will meet our needs to finding the right person to do the job, sprucing up our homes can lead to headaches and fights with our significant others. At the top of the list for stress-inducing home projects are the kitchen and bathroom remodel. Each project, done correctly, can both lend value to your home and be more Eco-friendly in the bargain. But how can you save money?

The Necessary Room

The key to figuring out how to stick to your budget in your bathroom update lies with you. What do you want? What do you need? How are those two things different? You need a sink with a working faucet and appropriate plumbing. However, you may not need the designer sink basin with the top-of-the-line granite countertops and gold-plated fixtures. If you want these things, you will probably have to get creative on how to afford them and you will have to compromise in other areas.

Easy areas to save money do exist with your bathroom remodel. Consider doing your own demolition. Factor in the savings versus your time completing the demo, hauling away the waste and the impact on your family. You can’t remove the household’s only toilet days before the remodel is complete unless you’re splurging on a hotel or crashing with friends for the duration of construction. Doing the painting yourself is another way to save. Beware, though. Painting a bathroom is time-consuming. There are many things to paint around in a bathroom. Also, because of the small size in the space, mistakes show up easily. Taking advantage of the tools and tricks out there to help your paint job look great will both help you have pride in your workmanship and not detract from your home’s value.

Fire Up That Grill

The big challenge with a kitchen remodel is that you and your family still have to eat. Take-out during your construction will be easy, but gets expensive quickly. Plan ahead by stocking up on foods that can be prepared in your microwave or on your outdoor grill. Go for things that don’t require refrigeration or freezing. Use a cooler with ice for necessary perishables like milk and eggs.

Bigger ways to save on your project include not replacing your existing cabinetry. You can have your current cabinets refaced, re-stained or re-painted to match your update without the expense of buying new. If you must buy new and you’re decent with tools, you can consider buying cabinets you assemble yourself. That will save on shipping and labor costs. Sometimes the DIY cabinets themselves are less expensive, also. As with bathrooms, consider doing your own demolition and painting. Maintaining your kitchen’s footprint by keeping your appliances in the same locations will help, too. One thing some people don’t consider is not doing all the updating at the same time. That will allow you to shop sales for all the things you need.

You need to plan carefully, budget wisely and communicate effectively with both your family and your construction professional in any home remodeling project.

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