Comparing Baths and Showers: Which One Should You have in Your Bathroom?

For a very long time, a lot of people opted for bathtub and shower combinations. This style and design were considered quite practical, as you could take a shower and have a bath at the same time. But whilst the combination bath and shower can be ideal for some, it’s not ideal for all – especially for families with elderly family members. Of course, the perfect solution would be to have a separate shower stall and a bath, which gives you the best of both worlds. This solution, however, isn’t feasible for many, either, simply because of a lack of space. If you’re still uncertain whether to go for a bath or shower, here’s a comparison between baths and showers to help you decide which one you should have in your bathroom.

The advantages of baths

With a bath, you have the obvious advantage of being able to relax in your bathroom. You can luxuriate in the bath after a long, hard day. With the baths nowadays, you also have the option of adding several great features, such as air jets, or you can go all out with a whirlpool bath.

But there are some disadvantages to baths that you should know about, too. First of all, baths require space – space which you may not have, and this is especially true for the freestanding versions. Baths are also more difficult to get into, which may not be ideal for elderly individuals or people with mobility issues. Plus, a bath consumes a lot of water, and it takes time to fill it up. You have to consider all these factors if you’re thinking about getting a bath, and you have to make sure that the bath adheres to your lifestyle, needs, and preferences.

The advantages of showers

If you go for a shower enclosure, you’re guaranteed to save more water, as showers use up less water compared to baths. Also, showers are handy if you’re constantly in a hurry – a shower takes much less time than a bath, after all. They’re known for their convenience, which is a big plus if you’re pressed for time. Furthermore, if you have elderly family members or family members with mobility problems, shower cubicles are a much better option – they’re easier to get into and you’re not risking anyone’s safety.

If you’re environmentally-conscious, there’s another benefit to showers you should know about – they have a small environmental footprint and they’re easier to install, especially if you opt for a pre-built and pre-fabricated shower unit or enclosure. The features of today’s shower enclosures and cubicles don’t disappoint, either – you can choose a host of brilliant features that come with some showers, such as body jets, rain showerheads, built-in seats, and even aromatherapy options and music (Bluetooth or FM radio) options which come with steam showers.

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