Surprising Germs

Surprising Germs That Could Be Lurking in Your Carpet

When the winter rolls around, most of us try to be extra careful about bringing home germs and contracting illnesses. But what if most of the germs are in your own backyard? If you have a home carpet, you could be housing tons of harmful bacteria in your house without even knowing it. Even if you do your best to keep carpets clean, if you’re not vacuuming at least once a week and trusting a professional service like E&L Chem-Dry Carpet Cleaners to do a thorough clean a few times a year, you could be creating a hotbed of germ activity in your rug. Here are just a few of the most notorious bacteria types you could be dealing with in your home.


This nasty winter virus is not only extremely common during the colder seasons. It can live for up to a month in your carpet. Norovirus, which causes fever, pain, and vomiting, can be tracked in and transmitted through your rug’s fibers, creating the potential for illness among household guests and members of your family.


It’s known as the virus that creates and contributes to the dreaded MRSA and staph infections. These bacteria can take hold of your carpet’s fibers quite easily in winter. If you walk on the carpet with sweaty socks just after working out, the bacteria from the gym can transfer over easily and find a home in your rug. MRSA is one of the more dangerous infections you can contract from this form of bacteria, an illness that can span years and end in death if not properly treated.



Though salmonella is mainly known as a foodborne illness, it can be easily tracked into the home through dirty shoes and fester in your carpet, especially during colder months. If you’re not careful about cleaning, you could end up with a nasty case of E. coli or stomach flu simply by touching your carpet.


Like certain other bacterial strains, campylobacter can cause a number of unpleasant stomach issues such as pain, cramping, indigestion, and fever. Unlike other strains, however, campylobacter actually thrives in damp or moist environments. That means that you have to take extra care to dry out your carpet fully before putting it back in your home if you want to avoid illness in the winter. To be extra safe, get your carpet dry cleaned or steam cleaned so that you don’t any risk of dampness or moist patches in your rug.


Micrococcus is a germ you simply don’t want to mess around with if you have a weakened immune system or are just getting over another illness. This strain can cause rashes, meningitis, and other serious side effects if not treated right away.


While these bacteria already can be found in our digestive systems, there’s a danger in being exposed to too many enterococci bacteria, especially if it’s already been mingling with a bunch of other dirt and debris in your rug. Too many enterococcus can lead to intestinal issues and can be extremely tough to treat in the long term.

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