The Benefits of Above Ground Storm Shelters

When was the last time anyone followed the weather closely? People are often surprised when an unexpected storm hits them. Most people are often unaware of the incoming deadly weather conditions until it is too late. Therefore, following up on the weather conditions is essential and planning early for such hazards. It is in line with this that constructing above ground storm shelter comes up. It is a viable idea that has helped many families survive storms and other hazards. Its unique nature lies in its design above the ground. Why? Staying above the ground is an important way of preventing floods and other hazards from reaching one’s family members. Initially, families opted for underground shelters. However, with hazards such as floods, it became even more dangerous to seek shelter in a basement since water could easily get in, and people would drown.

The above ground storm shelters come with many benefits. Here are some of these benefits.

They Protect Families during Storms

The primary reason why people construct above ground storm shelters in their homes is for protection during storms. The structures guarantee security during emergencies. Preparing for emergencies has become a fundamental necessity in most homes in today’s world. Climate change worsens every year, leading to increased extreme weather events that come unexpectedly.

They protect Assets

Many business people often store crucial business documents and other assets in their homes. This can be a tricky affair if there is no security for the assets in an emergency. Above ground, shelters come in handy for such cases. People can safely secure their assets above the ground to avoid getting them damaged by water or other hazards. This ensures the continuity of businesses even after a massive storm.

They are an Emergency Backup Plan

More often than not, people assume that they will always be prepared for extreme weather conditions when the time comes. However, that’s wrong. Extreme weathers come unannounced. The above ground storm shelters offer a fast escape route to safety in case of storms. It happens to be the best backup plan should people fail to evacuate their houses before a storm arrives.

They are Easy to Erect

Above ground storm, shelters are simpler to install compared to underground shelters. This is because the procedure involved in constructing above-ground storm shelters is more direct and does not involve many activities. All a person needs are an open area to set up the yard, anchor it firmly into the ground, and it is ready for use. On the other hand, underground shelters involve excavating land, retaining the adjacent soil, and constructing the shelter. This is a tiresome process that is less secure.

Above ground, shelters have come in at the right time to revolutionize the construction industry by promoting safety in homes. Many people are slowly taking up the idea by setting them up in their yards to keep their families and assets safe and secured during unforeseen emergencies. Of course, no one can accurately predict the wrath of Mother Nature, but they can take steps to protect themselves and their family.

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