5 Ways to increase the kerb appeal of your property.

First impressions are what count when you see your property from the kerb.  Giving your property great kerb appeal isn’t something we all think about.  Concentrating on the décor and the home furnishings, we sometimes forget to give our properties the kerb appeal too. There are several ways to increase the kerb appeal of your property, but here are five of them.

  1. A resin bound driveway is the perfect way to give your property kerb appeal. They are more eco-friendly than concrete or tarmac too and it allows water to drain naturally back into the water table.  So not only does it reduce the amount of water and puddles you would normally get on your driveway but also it is anti-slip and weed and frost resistant. According to James from West Yorkshire Resin Driveways “There is nothing worse than a driveway full of weeds and having to maintain this on a regular basis.”
  2. A conservatory is a great addition to your home. It not only gives you an extra space that you can include in your property details but it can feel like you are bringing the outside area of your home in too.  You can enjoy your garden from inside your conservatory.  It is the perfect transition between home and garden.  It can be one of the most cost-effective ways to give your home a more useable living space too.
  3. A well-cut garden and tidy appearance goes along way when you are trying to up your properties kerb appeal. If you have brambles and long grass and weeds in your garden what kind of impression are you giving to anyone looking at it.  Your garden is often the first impression of your property so if you are lacking here then your property has already been judged by the up keep of the garden.  Dig over borders too and add additional plants and shrubs.  Add bark chippings which will keep weeds at bay and keep in the moisture.   Make sure fences and gates if you have them, are in good repair and if they need painting or staining that its done.
  4. Paint your front door. This might seem like an obvious tip but many people do not do it.  Pick a contemporary, classic colour that would appeal to everyone.  No in your face bright colours as you might alienate some people.  Bear in mind the other paint work you have on your property and what colour brick work.  This is especially important as the front door is one of the first things someone would look at when they approach your property.  First impressions do really matter.
  5. Windows should always be clean and if they are wooden and need a freshen up and painting this should be done too. Rotten window frames make your property look shabby and should be replaced.  All curtains and blinds should match if seen from the front your property too.  This will give the property a uniformed look at first glance.

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