Clear Your Property Of Tree Stumps This Fall

With the arrival of fall comes a number of outdoor maintenance jobs that are important to complete before the snow falls. If not, your outdoor landscape cleanup will have to wait until spring and it will certainly be a heck of a lot nastier. Things like raking leaves, stump grinding and pulling of weeds should be done when necessary to keep your yard looking nice and to keep your yard healthy and safe. When it comes to the removal of tree stumps, professional help is almost certainly required.

The Necessity of Removing Tree Stumps

Old and rotting tree stumps can be a big eyesore in a yard, but unfortunately, there are many reasons why a tree has to come down now and then, making ugly stumps an unavoidable reality. After a tree has been removed it is important to remove the stump as well, since an old tree stump makes it difficult for you to maintain your lawn or encourage new growth. Every time you mow you have to maneuver around it and if you want free space to plant new landscaping and spring saplings your hands are tied. This can also be a dangerous area once the sun goes down. Low stumps often are difficult to see and you can easily trip over them if you aren’t careful, creating a legal liability that you don’t want in your yard.


Stumps within your yard can be an attraction for a variety of pests, which can wreak havoc on the delicate ecosystem of your yard. Critters such as ants, bees, termites and other unwanted guests can make a home in these stumps and eventually find their way into your house. When certified arborists come to your property to remove a stump, they can determine if there is a pest problem that you need to deal with as well.

Hiring Professionals to do the Job

It is incredibly important to have a professional remove your tree stump to ensure that the job is done safely and properly. There are a few different methods that can be used for removing a stump, and the method used really is determined by what kind of tree it was, how deep the stump goes and where it is located. A professional can easily determine what the most cost effective and efficient method will be and provide plenty of valuable information about tree care going forward so you can have a healthy, beautiful and lush yard.

If you are looking to free up space in your yard and make everything beautiful again, any certified team of arborists should be able to make quick work of unsightly stumps so that you can have your yard back. When the snow melts and your yard is clear, you will have ample space to plant new spring saplings. ISA certified means that your arborists care about quality in the work that they do and promote ongoing education within their business and hire only the best to do the job.

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