Converting your garage

A garage conversion is a fantastic way to add value to your home, as well as adding further living space. If you’re stuck wondering whether to convert your garage or not, look no further than this guide. It can be a tricky process, so you will need all the help you can get, so to make it a whole lot easier for you, this article is divided in to two easy to understand sections:

  • Why you should convert your garage
  • Can you convert your garage?

If your garage is on its last legs or needs any kind of repair or refurbishment, look no further than Dencroft Garages. Based in West Yorkshire, they manufacture top of the range concrete garages whilst also providing a repairs service to help keep your garage in top condition.

Why you should convert your garage

What do you use your garage for these days? A dumping ground? That’s what majority of homes in the UK use them for, it’s not functional and you certainly aren’t benefiting as much from your garage as you should be. These days, garages tend to get clogged up with unwanted Christmas presents, unused fitness equipment and no longer loved toys – but it shouldn’t be like that.

So, if you can park your garage on the street or the drive, you could reap the benefits from a garage conversion. Your garage can be converted in to pretty much whatever you like, popular choices feature:

  • Extra bedroom
  • Man cave
  • Larger kitchen
  • Home office
  • Extra bathroom
  • Home cinema

But the most popular is an extra living room/lounge. If you think it’s a bit excessive having an extra lounge, just wait until you kids become teenagers – then you can each have a living room and you won’t be arguing over what to watch on telly, or who sits where.

Due to circumstances such as shared gym equipment, getting hot and sweaty in front of strangers and extortionate gym costs, many opt for a home gym. For further assistance on converting your garage to a home gym, have a read of this article.

Can you convert your garage?

If you’ve made your mind up and have decided to go ahead with a garage conversion, you need to read over a few things before you begin. There are a few legal issues involved that you need to be aware of – if you go ahead without these permissions, you may be forced to pay for everything to be returned in its original condition.

  • Restrictive clauses – you need to check your property deeds for any covenants that may be restricted. Some developers place clauses on properties that state they can’t affect the exterior look of the property. This obviously won’t apply if you’re only affecting the interior look.
  • Planning permission – usually, you only need planning permission if you are affecting the size or shape of the garage. But it’s recommended that you check with the local authorities as it differs.
  • Building regulations – you need to comply with government building regulations if you are planning a garage conversion – an officer will more than likely need to check your conversion multiple times throughout the construction period.

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