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A lot of New Yorkers want to make changes to their homes but as they’re living in New York, they don’t have a lot of money for it because they are already spending a lot on rent, bills, food, etc. This is why DIY home renovation ideas exist – for those on a budget. And if that’s exactly what you need right now, you came to the right place. We’ve prepared some of the best DIY home renovation ideas for your NYC home that you can do on a budget yet still have a trendy home.

Most common problems in NYC apartments

There are a few reasons why New Yorkers want to renovate their homes. The number one reason would be the lack of storing space. Apartments in New York are very small and they lack a lot of storage space. This is why New Yorkers usually rent storage units. And if you decide to go for some bigger home renovations, you can store your belongings during renovation in a storage unit. But some people simply need a bit more space and that’s when they turn to the DIY home renovations we’ll mention later on.

Another issue people who live in New York face is old walls. The buildings in New York City are very old. They aren’t run down but a lot of people have problems with humidity in their apartments and wet walls. They also want to do as much as they can to make their homes look bigger because they are so small. We have some DIY ideas for that too.

Set your budget

Before you start doing these DIY home renovations, it’s best to first set your budget. This is a way to go because let’s face it, you live in New York and it’s a very expensive city. You don’t want to end up spending a lot more money than you can actually afford to spend. So figure out your budget, find what it is exactly that needs to be improved or changed in your home and then begin. Being organized is always a good idea.

Affordable DIY renovations

If you don’t have a large budget to work with yet you still want to improve the look of your home, you don’t have to worry. Certain renovations don’t cost a lot of money and you can do them yourself. Changing faucets, doorknobs, light switches, and wall plugs is a nice way to make your NYC home feel a bit more new. It’s not a huge change but it does make a difference when it comes to home improvement.

If you have a storage problem and you’re on a budget, you still have a lot of options on how exactly you can fix this problem. You don’t have to buy new cabinets or wardrobes, getting shelves is a more affordable way. You can put up shelves in every room in your home and they will be useful. If the shelves are too much for you, hooks and baskets cost even less. This might sound ridiculous but hanging a basket or a fancy box on two hooks is a nice way to add some more storage to your home. You can put them for storing books in the living room or for storing your makeup in your bathroom. Be creative.

Less affordable DIY renovations

Some home renovations just require a bit more money. For example, if you have problems with your walls, buying paint is not such a small expense to cover. Luckily, you can paint over your walls by yourself. It won’t be a very easy task but you will have fun and you’ll save plenty of money by not hiring painters. Sometimes not all of your walls need to be painted so you should also have that in mind too.

If you are lacking space in your home, you can definitely purchase more small cabinets and hang them on your walls. You probably noticed that a lot of storage issues can be resolved by using your walls. In fact, this is the best way to do it. Using your walls when you are living in a small apartment can make a huge difference. If everything is standing on the floor you will lose a lot of floor space which is only going to make a room smaller.

A lot of people who live in rented apartments have issues with old furniture. Covering your furniture with cloth or covers sometimes just isn’t enough. If you feel like you are skilled enough, you can try to restore this old furniture on your own. You will need a lot of supplies and a lot of time, but if you try your best, the end result might be amazing. New windows and doors are another great way to make your home feel like it’s new.

Furniture with built-in storage

As we mentioned before, the lack of storage is a very common problem in New York City. A lot of people have this problem and that’s why furniture with built-in storage exists. You can either buy it or DIY it. It won’t be easy and you will need a lot of things to do this, but it’s a nice way to get your creative juices flowing. Many people add some storage under their beds and inside their sofas. You can also build your own coffee table with built-in storage. And if none of the solutions and ideas we mentioned work for you, maybe it’s time to move to a bigger apartment with


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