Essential pool equipment Repair

As soon as it’s hot, you can easily buy a small pool, inflatable or not. And then, we find ourselves embarrassed by the interview. Should we maintain it? How? Is it complicated? The answers, by and large, are yes, you have to. And no, it’s not very complicated. We explain to you.

  1. Should We Maintain The Water Of A Small Pool?

You thought to escape by buying a small inflatable pool, and no! You will not escape chores cleansing and water treatment, otherwise the water quickly becomes unsuitable for swimming (invasion of algae and bacteria). With the pool equipment repair options the proper maintenance gets easier.

These small pools require even more attention because they generally have no filtration system and they are much sought after by children.

  1. What Products Are Needed?

You need:

of chlorine : to eliminate bacteria (there are alternative systems for those who do not want chlorine)

the flocculent : product that promotes aggregation of “dross”

an algaecide : against algae

Rest assured, you do not have to be a bio-engineer to juggle these products. There are kits for mini-pools that keep the water clean for up to a month. Their use is generally well explained and relatively easy.

  1. What Material?

In addition to these products, a small maintenance material is required:

A floating doser

A wall and background brush

A bubble cover to cover it to preserve the quality of the water and limit the landing of leaves, twigs and insects in the water.

A net to clean the surface of the water daily

A tester to measure the pH of the water: very important to measure before the addition of products because it determines the necessary quantities of these.

  1. Should It Be Emptied Often?

As these pools do not have a filtration system, they must be emptied regularly (once a week for small, once a month for larger)

What about mini-pools for the little ones? Better not to treat the water and change it systematiquent, as for a bath.

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If you built yourself a stationary pool, then you appreciated its convenience and reliability. But over time, any quality construction has to be repaired.

More often than not, pool repairs are caused by banal reasons: unprofessional installation or incorrect maintenance. Any repair work is best handled by qualified specialists who will correctly diagnose and bring the pool into working condition, starting with the replacement of any components and ending with the change of the entire coating.

As for such budgetary options as inflatable or frame pools, they also require repair. As a rule, high-tech PVC materials are used for manufacturing such structures. Such pools are easy to install in comparison with stationary ones, and in the folded form they take up little space. To repair them, do not necessarily have a lot of experience and a lot of money.

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