Five Tips to Finding Your Perfect Tile

If you have ever gone shopping for tiles, then you will agree with me that there is a dazzling array of them in the market. There are a wide variety of tiles that practically fit every look, every home, and every style you may be interested in. In order not to be confused, here are the helpful tips that you should consider before you choose your preferred tile.


Consider Your Must-Have Choice

Typically, when you are building your home or renovating your room, you will always have one tile that comes to your mind. Sometimes it is a unique or special accent tile or sometimes it is just the fact that it is white and would greatly fit into your subway. Consider your preference and use it to select the tile that will fit your home design.

Try Considering More Than One Tile Type

After choosing your first preferred tile, use it to consider other tiles that you will include in the home design. If the first choice is a unique pattern or color, consider it the focal point then choose other subtle color based on it to blend them easily. However, in case your preferred color is a plain one, you may consider colorful accents or brighter colors that would add interest to the overall tile design.

Choose One Show Stopper

Several beautiful tiles exist out there that would make your home a perfect place to stay in. However, if you plan to consider different colors, ensure the room remains a single show stopper. With this design factor, you will be able to make the house have a timeless look and create a wow factor. Special tiles that make you home glitter are usually pricey, but by considering a small room or area such as a bathroom, you won’t have to make a huge purchase for the special tiles. Home Decor AZ is an Anatolia tile distributor that will help you get the right tiles you need to create a show stopper in your home.

Keep the Idea of Maintenance in Mind

No one likes to clean especially when it comes to cleaning the kitchen or the bathroom shower and tub. It is, therefore, important to choose a tile that is suitable for every room. For wet areas like the bathroom, it is best to consider ceramic or porcelain tiles since you won’t need any form of maintenance. Using natural stone tiles would involve a lot of maintenance since they must be sealed regularly. In the less wet areas, you may consider adding stones for texture or glass tile that would add beauty to your home.

A Manageable Scale

Different rooms require different tile scales. If you are designing a bathroom floor, you should consider large-scale tiles. Areas such as corridors and bedrooms require small scale tiles or tiles that are cut in smaller sizes. Using similar tiles in a room may enhance visual effect due to the continued color vision throughout the floor.

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