5 Top tips to make a burglar think twice

With crime rates rising, people in their homes are still not protecting their home and valuables against burglars.

If you have unfortunately been a victim of a burglary, research shows that most people do not use this opportunity to upgrade their locks and security measures.  This obviously means that they could be targeted again as they are relying on the security measures that they have already used which failed them.

Here are 5 top tips to make a burglar think twice and prevent a break in.

  1. Install a visible burglar alarm and or CCTV.  This is a great deterrent and there are many makes and models for sale.  Make sure you buy from a reputable company who will fit it and it will comply to police standards.  7 out of 10 homes do not have an alarm in the UK.  Always make sure you set the alarm before you leave the home as plenty of people surprisingly do not do this.  This will also qualify you for a discount on your home insurance.
  2. Lock all your doors and windows every time you leave your home. Surprisingly over one in ten regularly go out without locking doors and windows, according to a survey completed by Yale.  According to Neil From Handle Trade “This is easy access to any burglar and they will try doors and windows fist to break into your property.”
  3. Have good outside lighting around your home. There is a greater chance of being burgled at night, so good lighting around your property is vital to a good security system.  64% of people do not have adequate lighting around their property, which gives a high greater chance of being broke into.
  4. If there is a Neighbourhood Watch scheme in your area, you should join. If there isn’t you can also start one yourself.  There will be signs posted down your road on lamp posts advertising this and you will be given a sticker to put in your window.  These will show anyone that your property is in a Neighbourhood Watch area.  Another plus to joining this scheme is that you will be entitled to discount on your home insurance.  You have to declare to your insurance that you are a member.  There will also be local meetings held in your area, which you can attend if you wish to.  All matters crime related to your area are usually discussed at these meetings.
  5. Do not have any keys or valuables in sight of the ground floor windows of your property. Burglars can spot these and it is a way for them to target your home.  If you also leave your keys in sight they can try and retrieve these from the letterbox.  There-fore gaining access to your home easily with no sign of break in.  Also, do not leave any cardboard boxes or packing for expensive items near your bins or at the side of your house.  This would be inviting to some burglars to investigate the property further.

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