Vital essentials on cellular shades that you should know before buying them

Are you looking for options to upgrade the interior decoration of your home? If window treatment is the first thing that comes to your mind, you can choose to go for cellular shades, also known as honeycomb shades.

They boost the aesthetic appeal of your home and also assist you in saving money on utility and electricity bills. In case you’re a homeowner who doesn’t know much on cellular shades, we’re here to shed light on few facts.

Due to their pleated and folded pattern, they’re also called honeycomb shades and are made from bonded polyester and spun lace and other materials which look similar to cloth or soft paper.

They are blessed with a unique design and shape and they work perfectly in filtering light and insulating the rooms where they’re added. As per trustworthy blind stores like, they are one of the best choices for homeowners.

Choosing cellular shades – What to keep in mind

As with any other shade pattern, cellular shades too come in different colors, patterns and designs. Check out the few factors which you should keep in mind before buying the best shade for your home.


There are several cellular shades which are installed at the top portion of the windows and which are drawn in a way that is similar to standard blinds. While there are shades which can be opened from the top to let in sunlight to your home, there are some others which are opened without using any cords.

The former ones don’t compromise your privacy and the latter are an attractive option for parents who have kids at home.


The color of the shade which you choose will determine the total amount of light that should enter through the windows and the energy that you may save post installation.

If you’re staying in a warmer climate, the darker colors will provide you with more benefits as this will diminish the amount of sunrays that will enter through the shades. On the contrary, in the cooler climates, the dark shades will boost energy costs.


There are some shades which are designed in such that they can filter light and there are also others which can block the light. In case you need to block off light as much as you can, there are few cellular shade companies which provide you with a shade model which could give enough sense and appeal for your home.


Cellular shades usually come in 3 varieties, single, double and triple cell. All the cellular manufacturers will have different rates for the shades as per energy efficiency which is calculated in terms of heat loss. Some triple cell varieties will offer an R-value of 7.18 and this is an average for these pleated shades.

Therefore, when you’re worrying about buying the best cellular shades, you should keep in mind the above mentioned points so as to choose the best one in the market. Make sure they meet all the needs and requirements of your home.

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