10 Best Bird Feeders for Your Backyard or Garden

Ever wanted to wake up to the beautiful music of birds without having to buy them out of a pet shop?

There are a lot of colorful and singing birds you can enjoy in your home without compromising their freedom. Blue jays, hummingbirds, American robins, and goldfinches are only some of the most common birds you might see in your backyard.

You must give them a reason to visit your backyard, though, and the best motivation is food. The right bird feeders can help you attract the right birds. Check out our list of the best bird feeders around to help you enjoy the company of our winged friends.

  1. Hummzinger Ultra Bird Feeder

The Hummgzinger Ultra Bird Feeder is one of the best bird feeders for attracting Hummingbirds into your backyard.

Unlike other bird feeders, though, it doesn’t seem to attract bees and wasps, too. It has four ports where the birds can perch.

When you need to clean it, it’s easy to take apart. This is important for the health of your humming friends. Mold can form if you don’t clean it well or regularly.

Furthermore, it doesn’t leak sugar water into the ground. You can hang it or mount it on a pole — whichever you prefer.

  1. Stokes Select Little-Bit Finch Feeder

Finches (and a lot of other birds) have a love for nyjer seeds. These require an especially designed feeder for dispensing small seeds. That’s why you need this Stokes Select Finch feeder to attract goldfinches.

It’s made of metal at the top and bottom, and the middle is a plastic mesh. The mesh makes it easy for the birds to peck through and hold on as they eat.

The good thing about it is that larger birds can’t use them, so you can zone them out with this feeder. It’s best used in areas with a lot of small birds.

  1. Songbird Essentials Ultimate Oriole Feeder

Orioles are pretty good singers, so if you want to attract a few or more, you have to get an oriole feeder. It holds fruit, a favorite snack of any type of orioles.

The Songbird Essentials oriole feeder holds four oranges at once. It also has small wells, where you can place fruit jelly. There’s a reservoir for nectar, too.

The feeder is a bright orange plastic, which makes it easy to clean with hot water.

  1. Nature’s Hangout Window Bird Feeder

This one sticks to your window, so you can watch birds visiting and feeding right on the other side of your window. It’s good entertainment for you, your kids, and even your pets.

You can use it even if you don’t have a backyard. As long as you have a glass window, you can enjoy bird watching from the inside of your home.

This bird feeder uses powerful suction cups, so it doesn’t budge easily. The acrylic is thick and resistant to yellowing and cracking.

  1. Brome Squirrel Solution Wild Bird Feeder

Want to serve a larger crowd? The Brome Squirrel Solution got your back.

This one has six feeding ports, so there’s more room for more visitors. You fill it with bird seeds, which can attract different types of birds.

It’s quite easy to take apart for cleaning and refills. You don’t need any tools, so it’s easy to assemble, too.

As the name suggests, it’s a good solution for your squirrel woes. The seed ports close automatically upon sensing the weight of a squirrel. You can also visit this website for a good squirrel solution.

If it becomes damaged (or whisked away) by a squirrel, Brome provides a lifetime limited warranty.

  1. Woodlink 3-in-1 Platform Bird Feeder

If you prefer having a variety of birds visit you, get a platform feeder. This appeals to a wide range of birds.

Among the platform or tray bird feeders available, the Woodlink 3-in-1 model is one of the best. It has wires and a hook so you can hang it from a tree branch.

It also has legs, so you can put it on the ground. You can mount it on a pole as well.

This one can last you for years outside, as it’s made of cedar. You’ll still need to clean it often, though.

The problem with platform feeders is that it has no safeguards against squirrels. It’s essentially a free-for-all buffet.

  1. Nature’s Way Bird Products Cedar Platform Tray

Another great platform feeder is this one from Nature’s Way. It’s also made of cedar, so it’s sturdy, insect-repellant, and rot-resistant. It also has a natural preservative coating that helps protect it against water damage, mold, mildew, and such.

You can fill the tray with any variety of bird feed — including sunflower seeds, dried fruit, or corn. The screen is easy to pop out for cleaning, and it’s rustproof, too.

  1. Droll Yankees Onyx Mixed Seed Tube Bird Feeder

This one is particularly sturdy; it might be the best-built bird feeder out there. It has secure metal components, so you know it will stand the test of time and weather. Plus, it comes with a lifetime warranty against squirrel damage.

This model has two variations: an 18-inch bird feeder and a 15-inch one. The larger one offers more value because of the removable base, but the smaller version is still a good buy.

The removable allows for easier cleaning, and it provides the advantage of roomier perches.

  1. Wild Birds Unlimited EcoTough Tail Prop Suet Feeder

Helping the environment is in line with feeding wild birds, so this one should be right up your alley. It’s made of recycled milk jugs, but it’s still pretty sturdy.

It’s best for winter feeding, as suet cakes mix berries and seeds with fat, keeping the birds sustained in the winter.

An advantage of this model is the tail prop. It helps woodpeckers and such to eat more naturally.

  1. Uncommon Goods Water Drop Feeder

For adding a little fun in your backyard, check out this unconventional feeder. It comes in the shape of a brightly-colored water drop to add a splash of artistic energy.

It’s made of glass, allowing it to reflect the sun in colorful ways. You only need to hang it on a branch or anywhere at all, and then fill it with the birdseed of your choice.

Buy the Best Bird Feeders

There’s no rule that you only have to buy one type of bird feeder. If you want to attract a lot of birds to your backyard, you can choose two or more from the best bird feeders above.

Of course, adding a bird feeder is only one great way of improving your home. If you want to discover even more home improvement tips, we encourage you to continue reading our home and garden section!

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