How Bunk Beds Help Renovate Your BedRoom    

Bunk beds are an excellent option for saving space. You will come across many designs on the market. A makeover can redeem the life of your existing bunk beds. Alternatively, you may choose to develop a custom design for this purpose. You will fall in love with this elegant piece of furniture once you initiate a few changes to your bunk beds.

Lounge area

Bunk beds tend to occupy less space when children move into their own room. You don’t have to accommodate two single beds. You may get them customised and create more space. Once you shed the bottom of custom bunk beds, you’ll discover more space for creating a lounging area. Your child’s unique interests will meet once they step into their world of imagination. Adding some precious little items or show pieces can do the trick. A lampshade or a study table is often enough to add a feel-good factor. Alternatively, check if the bookcase, lighting and sitting arrangements can be changed to fit in with the lounge area. You may consider placing curtains and rods for your kids so that they can use the place as their playhouse.


A coat of stain or paint helps in setting a new look for the custom bunk beds. Before painting or staining, get the surface sanded to improve the overall finish. Instead of choosing a standard colour, pick a rare shade for creating pieces of artwork out of bunk beds. An alloy or saturated shade will help you ensure a bold new look.


Bunk beds may offer greater scope regarding functionality. They work well inside rooms that have smaller floor spaces. You may store clothes and toys belonging to your kids by adding a few drawers below the bottom bunk. You may even try placing plastic bins below the bottom bed. Place a bookcase or shelf along the bedside to meet the storage requirements of your children. The child using the bottom shelves can store their belongings on the bottom shelf. Likewise, the one that sleeps on the upper bunk can use the shelves at the top. Mount your bookcase on the wall to prevent it from toppling over.


Consider adding curtains to create a comfortable retreat using the bunk beds. Consider hanging long curtains to the floor to create a dramatic appearance. Consider placing a bar on the ceiling and another bar all along the bottom of the bunk at the top. Depending on the requirements, your children will be able to pull these curtains back and forth. Apart from presenting a real design statement for the entire room, well-chosen fabrics can help develop a new colour and texture combo. For children that are fond of trains, it helps them imagine that their beds resemble the bunks in a train. It helps to add a couple of other themes within the room.


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