How Can I Get a Good Sleep With Low Back Pain?

Do you experience low back pain that won’t go away even when you go to bed? Are you having difficulty sleeping? Back pain and poor sleep quality intertwine with one another. If your back hurts, there’s a chance that you won’t be able to sleep well.

When it comes to mattresses, experts advise that you evaluate it every five years. If you feel like it’s already showing visible signs of wear, then it’s best to change it for optimal support. If you have enough budget for it, then feel free to check out a few options in the store.

Getting a firm or medium-firm mattress is often the best option. But what if you don’t have the budget for it?

Ways to have a better sleep

If buying a new mattress here in Salt Lake City isn’t an option, you can try to add plywood beneath your bed to give it the right amount of support. You can place it right between the base and the mattress for comfort. Another alternative is to move your mattress directly onto the floor to make sure that it’s even.

You can also put your pillow right under your knees when you’re lying on your back. Meanwhile, you can place the pillow between your knees whenever you’re lying on your side. You can use a rolled-up towel to help keep the curve in your back while you’re lying on your bed.

Ensure that you tie it front to help keep it locked around your waist.

The best sleeping position for your lower back

Poor sleeping position can sometimes be the root cause of a person’s lower back pain. Whenever you sleep in a position that causes pressure to your neck, back, and hips, it causes the pain to get even worse.

When you’re lying down on your bed, you need to ensure that your spine maintains its natural curve. One way to do it is by ensuring that you follow the right postures to provide relief. One way to help ensure that your back has the right curvature is by sleeping the fetal position.

This position is very much applicable to those with a herniation disk. That’s because lying on your side while keeping your knees tucked reduces the pressure on your spine. Even more, it also helps open your joints, which helps alleviate the pain.

Sleeping on the front with your head face down can help you alleviate the pressure from your spine, too. You can place a small but sturdy pillow to prop up your forehead and give you room to breathe. So, you can make it even more comfortable, and you can try getting into bed and roll onto your front.

These are only a few of the things that you need to remember if you want to have a good night sleep. Aside from getting the right mattress, you should also consider choosing an excellent head pillow, too. Choose a head pillow that’ll help maintain the natural posture of your neck and helps maintain your spine.

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