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Is your engineer Gas Safe registered?

According to recent research provided by the Gas Safe Register, the official body for registration, only two out of every five people check their gas engineer is lawfully qualified before allowing them to undertake work in their home.

This can prove extremely dangerous, as unqualified engineers that carry out work on gas appliances incorrectly put those living in the home at risk of explosion, fire and carbon monoxide exposure, which can have serious consequences.

The trust placed on tradespeople

The Gas Safe Register has worked alongside a consumer psychologist to analyse which factors influence a homeowner into trusting a tradesperson.

We have a propensity to judge and trust tradespeople on a variety of factors. This is a common and natural thought process to us and is frequently how we speed up our decision-making methods, rather than investigating someone’s credentials and qualifications.

Their research has uncovered that people are lead to trusting someone based on these factors:

– 44 percent were persuaded by personal presentation
– 43 percent are influenced by how official the person looks
– 25 percent are affected by body language
– 22 percent were pressured by personality
– 18 percent were receptive to a friendly face

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Is it Corgi or Gas Safe Register?

According to a recent study, many of us are still confused as to which regulating body is correct for gas engineers. According to a survey conducted by GasTag, 50 percent of those asked still believed a gas engineer must be Corgi registered.

However, in 2009 the Gas Safe Register took over as the authoritative body for mandatory gas registration for heating and plumbing engineers.

Appointed by the Health and Safety Authority, all gas engineers are required by law to be listed on the Gas Safe Register, with the organisation acting as a licensing body. Once registered, the engineer is issued a licence to carry out gas work.

Of those asked, 29 percent do not check the credentials of a gas engineer visiting their home. It is vital to check a gas engineer is included on the Gas Safe Register by looking at their Gas Safe identification card on the back and front before allowing them into your home.

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