5 Reasons to Install a Fence Around Your Property

Installing a fence around your property can bring many wonderful benefits. There are many different styles to choose from made with materials such as wood, vinyl, PVC, chain-link, aluminum, and many others. Each of these materials can offer a distinct appearance that will serve to complement the look and feel of your home or any other type of property that you would like to fence in.

Carefully selecting fencing richmond va is important as the fence is usually the first thing visitors see when they visit the property. If you pick a style that doesn’t complement the exterior design of the house, you’re defeating at least one of the purposes of installing this fence.

Aesthetics is a big part of why property owners put fences up around their perimeter. Another is the perimeter itself, using the fence as a way to mark the territory of your property and let others know that your acreage is your own and no one else may enter upon it. In addition, keep in mind what type of property you plan to build the fence on. Homes will likely require a range of styles that may not be suitable surrounding farmland or industrial property.

But no matter what kind of property you own, there are good reasons for putting a fence around it.

1. Increased Safety

Fences act as barriers that can keep things in and keep things out. Those things can be very different depending on what side of the fence we’re talking about here and, for property owners who have outdoor pets and young children running around, that fence can be a lifesaver in many aspects.

Kids like to run and play, often with their pets, and if an errant ball goes bouncing into the road or a dog is chasing after something, neither is all that prone to checking both ways before crossing the road. With a fence, you need not worry about kids and pets getting hurt by running into dangerous areas they shouldn’t go.

Even if your child has been taught not to go near the street or you have a well-trained animal that stays when told, this is one of those “better safe than sorry” situations by putting in a fence before something bad happens.

2. Pleasing Presentation

Anyone coming to your property to visit will be greeted by the look of your fence when they first arrive. Depending on the style of fence you choose, this decorative addition can make your visitors feel comfortable and welcome. It can also be a signal to visitors that the property they are about to enter is fully secure and they should feel safe as they enter.

If it’s a home you’re planning to install a fence around, then you want to choose one that is not just pleasing to the eye as it complements the exterior of your home but it also blends in with the aesthetic of the neighborhood. As you decide on what style you prefer, take a look at what the other properties have out front. If they all have wood pickets, you may not want to go with chain-link.

It’s important to remember that your fence can serve to increase the value of the home but if it sticks out like an eyesore, you may end up doing just the opposite instead.

3. Privacy Options

One of the most common reasons why property owners put a fence is for privacy. Your home has all of your belongings and personal items inside, a warehouse or storage space might also be filled with valuables. If either of these are located near high traffic areas, that’s a lot of eyeballs passing by who might want a glimpse inside.

Sometimes you just want to be left alone, perhaps the neighbors aren’t all that friendly or you simply need some quiet alone time to do the things you want. Having a tall fence can bring you the solitude you need.

4. Keep Out

Fences are made to stand as barriers that can keep errant trespassers from coming onto the property, either on purpose or by mistake. If your property is located in an area that has a lot of pedestrians walking by, they may decide to use your acreage as a shortcut to get where they need to faster.

Some of them may help themselves to resting or loitering on or near the property and that can make welcome visitors feel uneasy about coming by when so many strangers are hanging about.

5. Total Security

Loitering passersby can be one thing, criminals and thieves are another. Luckily, your fence can prevent all of them from coming onto the property. Safeguarding your things can be done with alarms but those are not as effective a deterrent as a fence.

Alarms go off. All they do is peal and sound. A fence creates an obstacle that must be navigated past and some criminals may not think it’s worth the time and effort in the first place.


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