What to Look for in a Solar Battery Installation Team

Are you planning on transforming your home to be more environmentally friendly? Have you considered installing a solar powered system or do you already have one but need a more efficient design? Choosing a solar battery installer doesn’t have to be a challenge, you just need to do some research and pick a company who meet Australian standards of professionalism.

These tips will help you to find a solar battery installation company you can rely on.

Fitting a Solar Battery

If you want a home battery in NSW or any other state in the country, you’ll need to find a dependable contractor. The installation of a solar battery system doesn’t take long, a contractor should be finished fitting your system within 2 working days. If you are installing a larger system for commercial purposes, it will take a little longer.

The installation team will have to shut the power off to your home while working, they cannot work on your home if the power is still live. You should plan ahead knowing that you’ll have no power in your premises while they upgrade your system.

A reputable installation company will provide you with all the necessary documentation to cover your new system. You must have all your documents in the event of a problem. If you are without them, you’ll find it difficult to deal with insurance claims or warranties.


Not all solar system installation teams are created equal, some have more experience and knowledge than others. If you haven’t got a solar system in your home and you are planning on fitting one which includes a home battery, you must pick the most suitable company for the job.

Before anyone installs anything in your home, ask about the type of equipment they use. What kind of solar panels will be installed? What type of battery is used? What kind of mounting system does your contractor use? These are all important questions you should ask before any work gets underway.

You want your solar system to last, so it must be correctly fitted to your roof. You must remember that it will have to deal with harsh Australian weather, heavy rain, wind and scorching sun will all have an impact on the panels. If they are poorly installed, they’ll deteriorate quicker than normal.


When choosing a solar system supplier, you must select a company who provides a written performance guarantee that covers your solar panel performance for at least 20 years. Your inverter should also have a warranty for over 5 years. Check the solar system installation company is backed by the government or another reputable entity. You’ll find that some contractors monitor your system over the internet.

Choosing a solar battery or complete system installation team requires a degree of patience. It is important to find a company who offers the right services at an affordable price. If you are based in certain states, you may be able to avail of solar system or home battery installation schemes. The government will help you to transfer to renewable energy at a reduced cost.

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