Why Do I need a Safe if I’ve Never Been Burgled?

When asked why they have no safe in their home most people who have not been burgled would use just that as a reason. Prevention being the best cure it may seem obvious that a safe is the best way to protect valuable items in the home. Yet many people still ask why they need one if they have not been burgled.


What the Police Say

This is very simple. Police advice is to take every measure – some of them very simple – to deter burglars and prevent theft from the home and this advice includes installing a safe in which to store valuables. (https://www.police.uk/crime-prevention-advice/burglary/) It is of note that when the Police mention “valuables” they include passports. It is worth exploring this further, so please read on below.


What Can a Safe Protect?

What are “valuables”? To some this may mean expensive watches and jewellery. To others it may mean personal data and documents such as passports, bank documents, wills and deeds of property. To others valuables may be treasured possessions from previous relatives that have little resale value but are irreplaceable and could be damaged or lost in a burglary. The nature of a valuable possession is a matter for personal preference. But regardless of what the valuable item may be it can still be protected through storage in a safe at times of vulnerability.


Isn’t Installing a Safe Expensive?

This is a question to be weighed against the potential loss of valuables. But there is a large variety of safes available in all sizes and ratings from under £100. Some require professional installation and some can be easily installed by the homeowner. What type of safe is required will depend upon the value of items to be protected, their size and nature. It is always worth taking professional advice from a company that produces a variety of types of safe, for example Secure Safe .As with anything else it pays to shop around to find the best product and advice.


Won’t Using a Safe Encourage Burglars?

Not unless it is left in easy view from outside the property. Following the basic advice Police and others give to deter burglars will help. If a safe is discovered after burglars have entered the property it can still deter them by presenting difficulties in removal and opening. Burglars will not want to spend time hacking a safe out of a wall or floor because of the noise it will cause.

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