5 Ways Technology is Changing Home Security

Needless to say, home security has undergone a huge transition from being manual and costly to automated and cost-efficient. But what’s more impressive is that the emergence of AI-powered home security technologies that are trending in technology news and how they’ve unlocked unfathomable ways of house surveillance. These 5 home security trends offer a glimpse into the automated advancements guarding human lives.


  1. Home automation: Technologies like Ecobee3 smart thermostat, Amazon Echo, Google Home, Apple HomeKit and others have bolstered home automation beyond imagination. Tasks like house surveillance, regulating room temperature and locking or unlocking doors can now be undertaken remotely with mobile apps. Piper mobile app, for example, boasts of features like Night Vision, a 180-degree Video Camera, built-in motion sensors and sound detectors. You can even customize home automation modes like Home, Away and Vacation to curate your home security according to your needs.
  2. Smart Doorbells: Technology today has extended advanced surveillance and home security even to your doorbell with devices like Nest Hello. Crafted in a sleek and modern design, the futuristic doorbell with a status LED glass lens allows you to see visitors head to toe, view packages lying on the ground and even set pre-recorded responses for frequent visitors or delivery agents. The smart home doorbell comes with several other hi-tech features like special alerts on recognizing friends, motion sensing and alerts, 24/7 streaming and continuous surveillance recording.
  3. Mobile surveillance: Technology is making mobile surveillance a norm of the digital age. Mobile apps like Vivint Sky App, LifeShield Interactive App, Reolink and various others have enabled people to undertake tasks like house surveillance, motion-triggered video recording and locking or unlocking doors remotely from mobile apps. Apps like eSecure 2.0 for example even detects unusual activity like rapid jump or drop in temperature and will notify mobile app user within second via email alerts.
  4. Smart Locks: Keyless entry is now an existing reality with technologies like August Smart Lock that allows you to offer keyless access to family, friends, housekeepers, and others without worrying about lost or copied keys. The smart lock will even auto-unlock your door as you approach and lock it as you leave. In case you lose your keys, your phone can serve as an alternative. You can even set real-time alerts if the door is open for more than 20 minutes or simply call out to Siri to open the door for someone if you’re feeling too lazy.
  5. Smart Garage System: It’s a well-known fact that for most suburban homes their primary access point is not the front door but the garage. When aiming for a smart home and Internet-linked garage door becomes an inevitable option. Devices like GarageMate and Gogogate 2 are two of the many emerging technologies that enable you to connect your current garage door opener to an app living on your smartphone. From Siri-based voice controls and other smart home device interactions to cloud-connected alerts sent to you if the door has been left open accidentally, smart garage systems offer it all. You can even close your garage remotely from anywhere provided you have an Internet connection.

With support for more than 200 device integrations and Voice control via Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, these home security devices have connected all aspects of a smart home to a mobile app and even a voice command. These technology advancements aren’t just limited to stronger security and preventing life-threatening situations but have also enhanced the quality of life and comfort of its residents. Lastly, in today’s digital age where connectivity is evident in all aspects of our lives, it’s natural that the norm would make its way to our homes.


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