Discover The New Rules For Purchasing Refrigerants

For a long time anyone could go to the store and find refrigerant on the shelf and buy it. However, this has changed quite a bit since that time frame and it is one change that has happened because of people were very careless with what they were doing with the refrigerant. This means that people had to figure out how to use it and often they did this improperly and this led to a lot of leaking into the atmosphere and really caused people to end up getting injured or hurt from the leaking that was going on. Now, you will notice that you are going to see that you are going to have some new rules that are in place that you have to follow and that is what will be covered here.

Restrictions On Sales

This is one of the key restrictions that people will notice. That is the fact this is a system that is going to really set out to ban the sale of the refrigerant at times to people. Since this is the case, people will have to find a way to get the supply they need to have. However, this does not work on the 2 pound cans of R134A which is what is used in the cars air conditioning systems. So you will want to realize this does mean that you can no longer have the larger drums in the garage and expect to keep them around for a long period of time or get new ones.

Now, this is brought about because so many of the do it yourself people would not be educated properly on how to prevent the freon from leaking back into the environment. Which as much as people want to believe since this is the air conditioner unit that it is not an issue, they need to realize this is a major issue. So people need to consider this because it can cause some major harm to not only the environment, but also themselves if they are improperly handling the freon.

Finally, people will notice that the price for purchasing has went up some. This is so people will have to comply with the new restrictions that are put in place. This also helps to keep the people from buying these without even considering what they are getting or even how to use it. With the higher price tag to comply with the regulations, people are going to want to use more caution to avoid wasting some of the freon.

Bans Sale Of 410A To Non-Certified Technicians

One aspect that people need to realize is the freon in the cars air conditioning unit is completely different than that in the home unit. Since this is the case you will want to make sure you know that if you are trying to replace the freon in your home unit it will be difficult as you can no longer purchase the 410A freon which is the common type that is found in the 3 ton units that are used in the central air units.

Now, this ban does not impact those that are properly licensed, but it will make an impact on people who are trying to do the work on their own. Sometimes, this may even include people who used to have a license, but gave it up when they retired and still know how to do the work. Now, they can have the knowledge and are unable to get the products they are needing to get the work done.

The good news is this ban does help protect people as the 410 is definitely one of the freons that is quite a bit more toxic if it is released on accident. At the same time, this is a freon that if it is released at the wrong time it could cause harm to people as well. So it is one that is best used only by the licensed technicians who can handle it and also capture any that has escaped.

License Requirements Are Needed For Larger Cylinders

Just like the EPA has done in the past with other items that are considered toxic you now have to get a license to purchase certain types of freon or even certain sizes. The downside for a lot of people is these sizes are the ones that are larger and often going to be the size that is needed to recharge their vehicle or central air unit completely. At the same time, though, the license that is required is often one that is an HVAC license and this means going to school to get the license.

The wholesalers even have to have a record of where the freon they are selling is going to as well. This does not mean the individual that is buying the product or the repairman who is using it, but the company that is buying it. So this is another step in the paperwork that is going to make the process a little bit more complicated for people to follow. However, since freon has come out and some of it has been shown as being toxic for some years now, if not properly handled people are going to rest easier knowing they are getting this information tracked so it can be recorded properly on who is handling the product and when they are handling it.

Being able to understand the new rules that are covering the sale and purchase of an eco-friendly alternative refrigeration system is a good thing. Once you now more about these rules it will be very easy for you to see this is the best way for you to understand what is going on with the refrigerant and know it is going to work for your needs. Then you will also notice that it is very important if you do have any air conditioning issues that you have a trusted repairmans number handy so they can come out and help you get the air conditioned fixed quickly.


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