5 Flower Wallpaper Prints That You Can’t Help But Love

The trend of flower print wallpaper hasn’t lost its appeal for several seasons. What rules need to be considered for the design to look harmonious?

Keep balance

All elements in the interior cannot be bright and catchy. Otherwise, you risk turning your house into a circus tent.

Remember the golden rule: if the floral wallpaper is bright and the print is large enough, the rest of the interior elements should become a calm backdrop for this beauty. And, conversely, for a modest floral wallpaper, bright elements of decor and furniture will be a worthy match.

These 5 flower wallpaper prints are sure to make you fall in love


Almost everyone adores such a flower. It combines both tenderness and passion at the same time. It is a flower of love and friendship, and everyone gives it its special meaning. Roses will look harmonious in a women’s room or living room. Scarlet roses are a favorite motif of designers who create kitchen interiors.


Purple irises will soothe tired eyes and create an aura of mystery. This flower is good for a bedroom or a room designed for relaxation.


It is the undoubted favorite of the oriental style. Blooming buds can become the main accent that sets the tone for the entire decoration of the room.


These flowers are peonies of grace and bliss. Most often, peonies are chosen for living room decor in an Asian style.


Simple wildflowers are a symbol of spontaneity and spiritual purity. Therefore, you should use such wallpapers to decorate a children’s room.

Benefits of floral wallpaper

Floral wallpaper will find its place in every home or office. You can use it to increase the positive energy in a room that every business owner will appreciate. In addition, homeowners will enjoy their guests’ experience in warm, inviting rooms with beautiful wallpaper for large gatherings. Homeowners and business owners can also take advantage of these added benefits of this template.

Simple application

Traditional wallpaper requires sloppy application of glue, a brush, and careful lighting the wallpaper in place. Now everything has changed to make the application simple and hassle-free. For example, to stick the wallpaper, simply peel off the backing and stick it in a place like a person with the sticker does, then smooth the wallpaper over the wall to avoid wrinkling.

This wallpaper does not slip on the wall after being glued. It is recommended that the panels are placed side by side without overlap during the application process to obtain a smooth, consistent pattern. It ensures a flawless look as the seams are virtually invisible.

stick n peel wallpaper Leave The Walls Under Beautiful

One of the main concerns new buyers face when choosing this wall covering is that it can damage the walls underneath. While this is a legitimate concern, homeowners will be happy to find that their wallpaper peels off as easily as it does are glued. Just tear off a corner of the panel and continue peeling off the rest of the paper. The removal process will not cause dents or dents in the main wall.


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