Curtains v shutters: how to dress your windows

How you dress your window can make or break the overall look of a room, which can make it a rather daunting prospect. They say that windows are ‘the eyes of the home’, and in some houses they are particularly large! Just like any other part of interior design, there are trends and fashions that come and go.

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Whatever the current look, the principle behind dressing windows remains the same: to give the room privacy without blocking out too much light. Losing heat through windows can be a problem in the cooler months here in the UK; however, this can be solved by carefully thought-out window dressing. The shape, height and style of the window will lend itself towards a particular dressing, but this does not mean it is definitive.


People tend to follow trends, which are likely to include pattern and colour on curtains but plain white for shutters. As people start to be more adventurous with colour, trends are showing more pastels and greys on shutters influenced by the huge Scandinavian vibe that is everywhere at the moment.


When it comes to dressing your window, size matters. Patterns on curtains are big and bold, while the current trend for shutters is for wide slats.

An article on the Stuff website has more debate on both sides of the curtains v shutters argument. Originally this would not have been an either/or situation, as shutters would have been used as the security element and to provide insulation, with curtains also used to add interest and texture.

Today, the art is in making the combination stand out. Use different materials – voile, velvet, twill – and be bold. Use a decorative pole and hang beautiful curtains that pool on the floor, which adds height to the room. The additional fabric also has great insulating and sound-absorbing qualities. Translucent materials will allow light in but protect your privacy.

Whichever way you decide to settle the argument, it is worth investing in quality fittings from a quality Dublin windows and doors supplier such as if you plan to spend a lot of time and effort dressing your windows well.

If you really can’t decide, there is nothing to stop you choosing something completely different for every room’s windows!

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