How to Look After Your Windows in Winter

Canadians know the feeling when spring starts up and slows down more than once a year. The sun comes up and the snow melts away, but within just a couple of days you can count on another snowfall and plenty of ice. That’s why it’s always a good idea to take a good look at your windows during the colder months to ensure they don’t have any weather-related damage.

Ideally, you’ve had the chance to check the frames, hardware, and glass of your windows in the late fall before the temperatures drop to winter levels. But it’s still effective to look for any problems involving your windows as you live through the winter months. This article will outline what you need to look for when you check your windows this winter and how to protect your home’s value with quality windows and doors.

Checking for Any Problems

Start by observing your windows and the surrounding area for anything out of the ordinary. You might notice that your curtains move slightly even though there’s no air moving indoors, which would indicate a potential draft that’s letting outdoor air flow into your home.

Check for a draft by looking for any gaps or space between the window, frame, and wall. On a windy day, hold a lit candle to the window frame and observe the flame. A flickering flame means there’s an air leak. Look for moisture, too, by checking for condensation between window panes and any pools of water that may be collecting around the window frames.

Take Care of Minor Issues

There may be a waiting period between spotting an issue with your windows and getting a professional to take care of the matter. To keep any window issues from getting worse, you can use some DIY solutions from a hardware store until you can get a professional to assess the situation.

For small gaps around your window, you can apply weather-stripping around the edges of the window where the glass meets the frame to create a temporary seal. You can also use clear, plastic window film that shrinks to its shape to increase your window’s insulation during the cold months.

Clean Your Windows

Clean windows do more than just look good, they work better at insulating and keeping your home warm. Dirt and moisture that builds up can wear away the windows by causing rot in wooden window frames or even corrosion in aluminum frames. Keep dirt and debris from accumulating by vacuuming the corners of your windows and by washing away the debris from the frames, screens and seals.

You only need warm, soapy water to clean your windows. For the glass, a strip applicator with soapy water will work just fine with a squeegee to remove the suds. Use a microfiber cloth around the window edges to get rid of any remaining dirt.

With a little attention to your windows during the winter, you can ensure they work well and last longer. See to your air leaks and moisture issues by consulting a reliable window installer and retailer like Golden Windows. You can have all your questions answered and become informed about the window replacement options available for your budget and style. Winter can be a great time for an installation that will improve the look and energy efficiency of your home, so don’t hesitate to examine your windows.

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