Social Media Tips For Roofing Companies in Ottawa

Many roofing contractors feel intimidated by social media. This is because they do not know how they can operate this platform. And the problem is that social media is growing in importance by the day. Its importance to the success of businesses is undeniable. So like it or not, any business offering a roofing service in Ottawa has to find a way to succeed in social media. It is the only way it will stand out in the 21st century.

As a roofing service startup, you might be wondering how you can go about this. Below are
a few steps to guide you through the process of maximizing the benefits of social media.

Create a plan

To have social media work for your business, you have to execute it properly. The first step you should take is to map out a plan. Outline all the goals and strategies you need to implement on the different social media platforms. With such large ground to cover, you will need to tackle each social channel in bits. Determine the best way to achieve results. Ask yourself if you are trying to gain more traffic to your website or you just want more followers. The two are
different and require different execution methods. Once you settle on the goals, you should proceed to create a schedule for what and when you will post on the platforms. Bear in mind that once the schedule is created you will have no choice but to stick to it for a predetermined amount of time. If, during this time, the strategy does not yield fruit, you should be bold enough to drop it and employ a new strategy.

Use videos and pictures to your advantage

With applications like Facebook Live video and Periscope, you can showcase the roofing shingles in Ottawa that you install. You should highlight all jobs you are proud of. You could also throw in safety initiatives and unique projects. You can showcase some projects from start to finish to give potential clients an inside look at how you conduct your business.

If you have blog posts, be sure to attach videos and photos. If you are describing particular roofing shingles in Ottawa, what better platform is there to showcase your prowess and skill?

Update and recycle

If you aim to build a strong social media presence, you should update the content often and regularly. The content you create should provide your followers with relevant knowledge of the industry. To provide such content, you will have to do your research on what your customers need. Put yourself in your customers’ shoes and create content to meet their needs.

Over time, information gets stale. However, by re-purposing such content, you will keep it relevant and generate new traffic.

Be creative

This is, however, easier said than done. Nonetheless, you should be creative in the methods you choose to share content and encourage customer engagement. You can generate conversations by asking questions. Note that with questions you are obligated to respond otherwise it would be meaningless.

With these few tips, you should start on your social media journey with success on
your horizon.


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