Awesome Modern Rustic Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Earlier rustic bedroom styles were seen only in cottages and farmhouses. Now, you can enjoy them in the modern décor houses in urban areas too. The décor looks airy, spacious and of course, it is trendy. More and more homeowners are choosing this style as it is easy to maintain, looks the best anytime and cost-effective compared to some lavish interior décor styles.

Sofary has the perfect lighting providing the twist required to enhance the appearance of rustic décor in all kinds of homes. Here, in this online shop, any customer can clarify all their doubts about the right lightings needed to décor their premises, thus they are fully satisfied with their purchase of lovely light fixtures.

More innovative ideas to enjoy the ambiance feeling of modern rustic décor bedrooms-

  • You can have barn style doors separating your bedroom and dressing room. It can be sliding, thus won’t take space. To match it, you can place wooden based dressing table, bed and even bedside tables should be designed with heavy wood. It will be just the perfect country style bedroom when you hang lace curtains at the windows and place side lamps having a crocheted frame.
  • Décor your bedroom wood natural wood carvings and other wooden decorative items. You can even fix lights dome made of wood pulp, jute or of bamboo. To provide the contrast modern look, you can paint the walls with dark color shades like blue, grey and even pale creamy shade. You just need to have the right matching background for your rusting decoration of the bedroom.
  • Buy bamboo-based bedroom furniture. There are a wide range of them, fully waterproof and termite resistant. They provide the right rustic ambiance when customized according to the rest of your bedroom décor. You can hang pendant lights of bamboo bowl dome to enhance the beauty of the room.
  • A reclaimed wood wall is the right solution to provide the desired rustic feeling in your bedroom.

Add chandeliers to the décor of your rustic stylish bedroom. It is one of the easiest ways to décor your bedroom in a rustic aura. Interior decorators prefer to install vintage or classic chandeliers to blend well with your country style bedroom décor. In the brownish backdrop, dazzling crystal chandeliers will surely promote an alluring marvelous bedroom scenario.

Few kinds of chandeliers suitable to enhance the rustic style bedroom-

  • The multi-decker chandeliers – There are iron or bronze base chandeliers having candle shape bulbs making the old fashion statement more profound.
  • Antique French style chandeliers – They are the best suitable ones to match classic and wooden based décor homes. They are easy to maintain, provide the exact brightness you like to have in your bedroom on darker nights and it is affordable.
  • Farmhouse chandeliers collection – They are appropriate lights to enhance the countryside romantic appearance of your bedroom All you need to do is visit the websites of the chandelier makers to view the images of the chandeliers and make them yourself. People hung mason jars from a single plank of wood. The jars have wax candles inside them to be lit at night. Isn’t it give the camp fire base romantic aura!

Enjoy renovating your bedroom with rustic style decorating elements.



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