Kubota Mini Excavators – The Perfect Solution for Small Scale Construction Projects

Conventionally most small-scale construction projects use raw force that generally involve a dozen hard labourers and a series of hand held power tools and take about two to three weeks to complete the job. However, over the last decade this scenario has changed quite significantly due to the availability of mini excavators which are capable of lowering the number of hard labourers needed and reducing the amount of time required to complete small scale construction projects. There are many brands of mini excavators that are available for rent in the market and most mini excavator rentals are given out on an hourly or daily basis depending on the needs of the project and among these brands, one brand stands out due to their distinct advantages that they offer to projects and that brand is Kubota.

Most of the excavators produced by Kubota are distinctly personalized from a variety of aspects such as the fully adjustable seats that are in line with controls positioned in such a way that they offer easy access to the operators. The cabs are designed in such a manner that it assures the operators a non-compromised visual of the blade as the controls or the operational dials and levers that control the blade aligned on the right side of the dashboard console ensures that the operator has a good view of the slew position.  The placement of the controls is among the advantages of the Kubota mini excavators that has made them quite popular and plus the waterproof aspects of these excavators has made Kubota excavators perfect for use in both wet and dry weather conditions. The side dashboard panel of these mini excavators is used for all critical gauges, hydraulic attachments controls, switches and as well as speed controls that actually keep them from excessive water exposure. Apart from that Kubota excavators have also built a reputation for rarely breaking down and to add to that, the components such as the alternator, service filters, engine, air filter and radiator are all easily accessible. The warning systems are also finely tuned and promptly indicate to operators when any of the components require inspection.

Most of these machines have the entire hydraulics system located by the left bonnet which is also easily accessible and can be accessed by flipping the side bonnet upwards. Everything that is associated with the hydraulic mechanism is there ready to be inspected without any hassle at all. Even the radiator, oil cooler and battery are located beside the hydraulic system making inspection an easy task that can be done all at once. Kubota mini excavators are also fitted with fast couplers or rapid coupling systems that allow easy bucket or attachment changes that make interchanging attachments an overly easy task compared to other brands. Kubota continues to lead the market with regards to the mini excavator and excavator hire niche due to their continuous innovative ideas that are constantly introduced to their brands.

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