The Essentials of Commercial Land Clearing and Excavation

When you take a stroll across an empty strip of land, it may feel like it is sturdy, solid ground. And, for bearing the weight of a simple human, it sure is. However, if you plan on adding the weight of a building as well as a couple of hundred humans, it may be a totally different story.

This is the essential element of excavation: Making up for the excess weight that is added to the ground when a commercial or even a residential building is built on it. There is a lot more happening here than a lot of people could even imagine.

Land Clearing And Breaking Ground

One of the first things that have to happen before breaking ground on a new commercial project is clearing the land. This means getting rid of any trees, rocks, and even any preexisting structure that has to go. It may not seem like it, but this is part of the excavation branch of the construction job. However, this is not always a matter of bulldozing everything and starting fresh. A lot of excavation projects involve making sure some trees, natural hills, or other elements of the natural environment stay intact while still making the appropriate space for the project to build.

Site Preparation

The main excavation goal is to prepare the land to be built on. This is essential because different types of soil can react differently when they are compacted or built on. It is the excavation team’s job to make sure the soil is built upon is prepared to handle the extra pressure and weight that is about to be placed upon it, as well as making sure that any potential drainage issues are taken care of before they can pop up.

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