Vintage maps are a great housewarming gift idea

If you are looking forward to purchase a gift for someone for their birthday or some other celebration, then their taste is the first thing that you should consider before finalizing the item. Those who love to read, find the best presents in the form of books while those who love décor, would count a decorative item as the best one. So first know what the other person likes and then decide on buying a relative present.

What if the person whom you want to get a present, loves history? Well, the answer is simple. Vintage maps are a great gift idea for anyone who loves history. Adding a vintage map to an otherwise ordinary room, is like adding an art piece that is totally artistic and amazing. If you know how to do the décor around the vintage map, you can add a scholarly touch, a pirated adventure theme or a lost treasure styled look to your wall. Even when you place some globes along the vintage map on frame on the wall, your whole place starts giving a look of a traveler’s corner.

So here we are to tell you, that if you are getting a present, for the home décor for someone, then which options you can go for and how that person can use them doe decorative purposes.

  1. Vintage maps and globes

The best pair that the vintage maps make is, with the vintage globes and putting these on a table and making them sit there just like that, is what can give a whole classical look to the place. You can add a few more vintage collections to the table corner, like lamps and binoculars etc. and enjoy the beautiful effect that it creates.

  1. Framed vintage maps

The framed maps are pretty interesting as well and we all know that adding a good looking frame to an ordinary looking thing, can make it appear classy. So all you need to do is to first take a large sized vintage map, then cut it to several smaller sized pieces and then get them all framed separately. Next you will put them on a wall to create a gallery look and add a few more vintage elements and necessary lighting fixtures. This would look really amazing.

  1. Vintage maps as backsplash or wallpaper

Wallpapers are a pretty common choice these days, for decorating the walls and for covering up the undesirable filth appearing on it. So when you are choosing wallpaper for a completely white interface, going for a vintage map, would something way too adorable to the house.

  1. Customized window treatments

If you have some old maps at home, whatever their size might be, you can use them in some artistic way to make the cover ups and roll down curtains for your windows. They give a chic and classy feel to the whole place and make it appear vintage.

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