What Are The Steps To Mount A Tv On The Wall?

Have you bought an LCD? Now you have to mount TV on the wall but don’t know what steps you have to follow to put it in the right way? The best thing you should hire a professional TV installer. In case if you don’t avail the service at the moment and have a tool to fix your TV properly on the wall then it a good idea.

Let’s find the steps to mount a Tv on the wall

First, Decide The Position 

The most important step to display your TV on the wall is deciding the right position. The viewing angle matters a lot. It is important to achieve the best picture quality and avoid the strain so eye fixes it in the appropriate position. You should display it in front of your sofa, bed or if you have a fireplace then put it above it as it is the focal point of the room.

Use Stud Finder For Locating Wall Studs

Use the stud finder to locate the studs in the wall. It is because if you will not find it you may have to face the heavy mess. Therefore, indicate it and use a marker or painter tape to mark the point. In this way, you will drill in the right position.

Drill Pilot Holes

After locating the studs, the next step is to mark the small points where you have to mount screws to enter the wall. To drill the points appropriately you have to use the level so it’s straight. Take a pencil and make light marks to drill the holes. Now attach the masonry bit for drilling holes.

Attachment Of Mounting Bracket

Now attach the TV mounting bracket to the wall by holding the mount to the wall and drill the screws in the pilot holes.

Attachment Of Mounting Plate

First remove the TV stand, in case if it attached to it

Now locate the mounting plate on the back of the TV. Remove the plastic if it is on the mounting plate. Attach the plate to the backside of the TV with the help of the hardware.

Mounting A Tv On The Wall

This is the last step you have to do. Lift the TV carefully and place it in the right position. For this take the help of another person in your house so he can guide you about the mounting position. It is important, otherwise, you may have to bear the loss.

These are few steps you can follow for TV installing. In case if you think you need the assistance of a professional in Los Angeles then find a service provider at https://www.tvinstallationone.com/. Here you will find a professional who will help you appropriately installing TV at an affordable price.

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