Essentials to Survive in Storm Tornado Shelter

If you live in a place like Central America where tornado comes, then it became mandatory for you to have a storm shelter. There is a term which is called storm aware, which mean that one must be ready to face a storm at any point of time.

A conscious citizen has to serve in any disaster, which any person can do with some understanding. You have to take some precautions, and you can beat the disaster with the help of storm tornado shelters

But going in a storm shelter without prior preparation is an absurd step so you need to analyses some essentials to make your time bearable inside the tornado shelters.

Store Sufficient Food and Water

Whenever you go to the Storm shelter, make sure that you have sufficient amount of nonperishable food and water. If you have a food item in a closed box, it would be better because you do not know how long this tornado will last. Your food should be canned. You can take fruits, canned juice, snacks and veggies, canned fish and chicken etc.

If you have kids in your house, then you have to arrange milk by taking extra precautions.

According to several weather agencies, there must be one gallon of water for each member of the family. So you have to carry water as much as possible and store it in there.

Note- If you have pets then do not forget to take their food.

If you are fighting a tornado, then you only have to compete with the tornado and not with hunger or thirst, so make sure that you have enough food and beverages with you in tornado shelters.

Clothing to Survive

Clothing is one of the basic needs that one must have to survive in a situation like a tornado. Generally, tornadoes come in winters so you must have winter clothes like a pair of gloves, jackets, stout shoes or boots etc with you in the tornado shelters

It is also mandatory for every member of the family to have a heated cover/blanket. You can carry bike helmet also to protect your head from falling of shelter debris.

Sanitation and Cleanliness

Whenever you are locked in a small storm tornado shelter, you have to pay attention to cleanliness there so that you do not suffocate. You should carry toilet paper or tissue paper with you. You also have to take a hand sanitizer or paper shop. If you have small children in your house, then you will also need diapers etc.

It is also mandatory to have a small closed dustbin inside the storm shelter because after cleaning, you must have a dustbin to throw the waste.

First Aid Kit and Medicine

Many people do not pay much attention to first aid kit and medication while going inside the Storm Tornado shelter but this is very important. You should always take your family member’s regular medicines. Along with this, you have to carry pain reliever pills, bandages, pads, ointments and other drugs in the storm shelters with you.

Sometimes you may have scratches or injuries while going inside the storm tornado shelter. To deal with such situation, it is mandatory to carry some antiseptic or liquid Dettol with you.

Important Gears and Tools

Just as army men are armed with weapons before going into battle, similarly you have to take some essential items before going inside the tornado shelter which will not only serve you inside but also help you after the tornado is over. The most important thing is that it is dark inside the Tornado shelter, so you have to carry a battery-powered lantern or flashlight. You should also have a battery-operated radio so that you can take instant weather reports.

Many times it happens that some heavy material falls due to the storm above your debris, which you cannot remove with hands, so you have to keep a hammer with you.

To deal with any emergency, you should also have a whistle, by which you can alert the people of your neighborhood.

Necessary Paper and Documents

From inside the Tornado shelter, you cannot guess what the situation is outside and what is the condition of your house, so it is better that you keep all your necessary documents in a small suitcase with you within the storm tornado shelter

In this checklist, you must have papers of birth certificate, medical papers, banks documents, college certificates and tax report. By this, you secure yourself so that there is no rigging with you.

If you are in such a place or situation where there is a danger of any disaster, then it is better that you are prepared in advance; otherwise, you will have nothing but regret. Natural disasters never come by asking that is why you should also not ask someone to be prepared for you.

Thanks and stay safe

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