Discover interior design trends of 2022

Along with fashion, interior design has been one of the hot topics in 2022. Where earlier people would haphazardly add some furniture, lights and paintings to a space before inhabiting it, in the recent times of social media, more and more people have now started carefully building their homes with the help of the best interior designer in Kolkata & other cities, and the prevalent trends of minimalism, maximalist and everything in between. 

People have started to put more thought into the homes that have been their only semblance of peace, comfort and normalcy in a couple of tumultuous years. 

Have a look at these major interior design trends of 2022 that the world has been obsessed with:

  • Bright colours

This might sound like an absurd ‘trend’, but after the last decade of contemporary white and grey interiors, people have started to lean more towards more expressive colour palettes this year. So if you are planning on redoing your space, make sure to make a mood board with all the colour combinations you love and would like to incorporate. Warm colours and earthy tones like reds, oranges and browns have made a comeback, along with fresh greens. 

  • Plants  

Where in early 2000s decor, plants were a major part of exteriors, and the pots on the window sill and a green balcony were prevalent, in 2022, more biophilic interiors with potted plants all around the house have become the norm. Not only does this brighten up the space considerably, but it also makes it appear more lively, adds freshness and instantly makes the space cosier by adding small pockets of nature. For example, you can add small succulents on coffee and dining tables, hanging planters near windows and bigger ones around the lounge area. 

  • Sustainable decor

After multiple endemics, a full-blown pandemic and the visible effects of climate change, people have become more conscious about what they are putting in their spaces and how it affects the environment. The popularity of vintage pieces and refurbished furniture has seen a steep incline in 2022. You too can get all of your old furniture painted and polished to make them fit in with your new aesthetics and interiors. Making use of old fabrics such as cushion covers, curtains and tablecloths and juxtapositioning the memories with newer pieces is now the new norm. 

  • More custom Art

Unlike the ancient and medieval days, where customized art pieces were a symbol of royalty and could only be seen in palaces, in 2022, with the art industry blooming, customized pieces made specifically to your tastes have become a trend. Every good interior designer in Kolkata will urge you to add at least 3-4 paintings, be it a textured piece, a landscape or a portrait that ties your decor together in a spectacular manner.  

Pastels and curved incorporates in furnishing are other popular trends you can jump on. However, whenever designing, always remember to make a knowledgeable interior designer in Kolkata part of the conversation!  

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