Make a Colorful Splash with Fusion Mosaic Tiles

There’s making a statement, and then there’s making a colorful statement. When it comes to your pool, you want to make a colorful statement that really gives your setup a “splash” of color. Pun intended! 

There are so many ways to do this, and fusion mosaic tiles are certainly a fantastic option to consider. The metallic look catches the light just right to give you a new scene every time you glance at it. It might even look like it’s moving in the water. 

Whether you want a dazzling display, a really great gift option, or just something to spruce up your pool space, consider additions and accents like these! 

What are Fusion Mosaic Tiles

The fusion look is really all about being bold and brilliant by design. Think of the coloring style as iridescent, although it can be done with several different colors. The colors are made to look like they change and glisten in any type of light. 

At the same time, the colors dazzle and sparkle beneath the water in your pool. It’s great for the floor areas, but you can also add them to entryways, steps, swimouts, and other areas to create a stunning design. 

Choose from things like dolphins, starfish, fish, turtles, and other popular sea creatures. Use all of them if you want to! 

The best part of fusion mosaics is that they are meant to be unique. You might use several different fusion pieces, and none of them will look exactly the same. This is done on purpose. The shades and ranges of colors are supposed to vary due to the iridescence. 

Great Ways to Use Fusion Mosaic Tiles

We mentioned some simple uses above, but let’s dive just a little bit deeper into the best ways to use these gorgeous tools. They are meant to be eye-catching and dazzling, after all. Here are a few great design uses for you to consider! 

Spruce Up the Pool

Obviously, the most common place to use fusion mosaics is in the pool. This is ultimately what they were designed for, but it doesn’t necessarily mean they are limited to this space. 

You can use them on any type of pool space that you might have set up, as long as you have a surface they can adhere to. They were designed for pools, so chances are they will be compatible. And the best part is, they should last for several years. 

Enjoy the sparkle and colorful effects that the sunlight produces on them throughout the day. If you have pool lights or a well-lit area around the pool, you can also appreciate those stunning effects long after the sun has set. Any type of light will make them sparkle, dazzle, and reflect. 

Improve the Guest Bath House

Who says you can’t use artful design elements like these to make that guest bathroom or bath house look totally amazing? Picture this: an ocean scene when you step into that large open shower. 

Or maybe you have a deep, custom-built tub made for long and calming soaks away from the worries of the world. 

It’s the perfect opportunity! Take that escape space (whether it is for you or your guests) and turn it into a dazzling space that enhances the escape. Also consider using fusion mosaic tiles in changing rooms, poolside areas, bathrooms, and other similar areas. You can create a stunning escape right at home. 

Gift Away

Do you have friends, family, or neighbors that you need to give the perfect gift? Maybe they have a brand-new pool or an older pool that you just want to help them spruce up. Maybe the family is renovating that bath house we just mentioned! 

Whatever the case may be, these fusion tiles can make an awesome gift option. While you’re at it, go ahead and make sure you get some for yourself. If you don’t, you will just be jealous of your friend’s pool designs! 

The cool thing is there are really so many designs that you can choose something to fit any style or preference. Keep it small and simple, or go all out creating a brilliant landscape. 

Maybe your gift will just be the start of their collection, and you can proudly say, “I helped with that look” when it’s done. 

The View Makes a Difference

It doesn’t matter where you are or what type of water environment you’re hanging out in. A view like this really does make a difference to those who see it. That little bit of dazzle from fusion mosaic tiles will bring excellence to what might otherwise be a boring view. 

What are you waiting for? Add some sparkle and dazzle to your waterscape for the perfect view. 

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