Choosing The Right Kitchen Cabinets To Match Your Flooring

Remodeling the kitchen means making the tough decisions. For starters, you need to decide if you’re going to call in a cabinet refacing business to get your existing cabinets refaced or if it’s time to purchase kitchen cabinets entirely.

Once you come to the best answer on that decision, you then need to figure out what kind of color scheme you want for your remodeling job. This may sound like no big deal but it’s actually a rather important part of the process. Particularly so if you’re only remodeling the cabinetry in the kitchen.

Most homeowners already have a pretty good idea of what they want to do before they start, but this can be a tougher nut to crack for some folks. You can always hire design professionals and contractors who can walk you through all of your options with respect to materials, colors, and textures, but why spend more money on the task when you can do that work on your own?

So before you get started on this project, consider matching the cabinets to your flooring and this can make the selection process all that much easier. Sometimes matching isn’t always the best option and bringing some contrast into the room can be a much better solution to your kitchen remodeling project.

Here are some helpful hints to keep in mind as you start your search through all of the possible choices that exist for new cabinets.

Stay Simple

The kitchen is the center of the home. It’s the room that is used most often because so many things happen in there. This is where you make your meals, perhaps even eat them as well, and it’s usually the busiest room in the house when you’re entertaining guests.

So you want an environment that maintains a simple color scheme and then you can add some color in the small details that are in the room. Therefore, matching your cabinets and floors is often a good idea if you want to bring some additional color or brightness through appliances and other accessories.

What works about matching, especially with lighter hues like whites and beige tones, is that you can change the design of your kitchen whenever you feel like it by swapping out those appliances and accessories at will. But installing cabinets that match the floors can give you a neutral base upon which to bring in those colorful accents anytime you wish.

Woods and Laminates

If your flooring is made of wood or laminate materials then choosing the right kitchen cabinets might mean going with a contrast instead of matching the two together.

This is because matching them might actually make the room feel too flat and overwhelmed by too much wood or laminate being used in one room. Even with additional accessories or appliances being introduced into the space, they may not be enough to bring a proper amount of accent color or contrast to keep the room from feeling overpowered.

So matching, in this case, may not be the best choice. However, even if you decide to go with a contrast between the cabinets and floor it is important to choose a wood cabinet that has a matching tone to the floor even if they don’t match entirely.

Ceramics, Porcelain, and Tiles

One other component we need to consider is the countertop. This is an important aspect of any kitchen that must be taken into account when remodeling the room and making decisions about cabinets matching the floors.

Countertops can be disruptive if they aren’t included in the selection process because they also take up so much real estate in the kitchen. If you fail to take them into account, you could be creating a visual design that is way too busy and all three parts of the kitchen could clash significantly.

This is especially true if you’re working with ceramics, porcelain, and tile in your kitchen. For these materials, matching the floor and cabinets may be less effective for creating the right look as opposed to contrasting the two. The same thing goes for the countertop, selecting a contrasting tone or color will likely be a much better choice for creating the kitchen of your dreams.

Shopping for the Best Cabinets

If possible, bring some samples of your floor and your countertop when you start to go about the process of choosing your cabinet. That way you can build upon a color scheme that already exists and get a clear visual indication of what your kitchen will look like before everything gets installed.

The last thing you want to do is have it all brought into the home and then decide you didn’t make the right choice.


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