How to Pack Smart for your Next Move

When you pack for moving homes, you cannot just dump everything in a box and just move it to the next house. If you do that, you are going to have a really hard time unpacking and looking for all of your stuff. So when you are moving homes, you have to remember to pack smart. Here are a few smart packing tips from professional movers that can help you on your next move.

Get Movers to Help You

First, you would want to call in some movers to help you because you cannot pack all the stuff on your own. Aside from moving your stuff, movers are also trained to pack your stuff methodically. Just tell them how you want your stuff packed and they will do it for you. You can find a lot of good quality but affordable movers on the internet. Most of them even give discount moving deals in some seasons. You just need to take some time to look for them.

Categorize Your Stuff

It is easier to look for things when you mark them by category. So when you are packing your stuff, always put the same things together in one box. For example, when you pack your toiletries, pack them all in one box. Then put a label on the box stating, “Toiletries”. You can do the same for books, kitchenware, tools, toys, and other things.

Throw Away Stuff You Do Not Use

Have you ever heard of the Japanese term Danshari? Literally translated, it means refuse, dispose of, separate. In terms we know, it simply means to de-clutter. When you move houses, you will surely find a lot of stuff that you do not use anymore. It is better if you just throw away these things, give it to charity, or sell them off. In that way, you can have less clutter in your new home and you will have fewer things to bring. It’ll be easier on you when you move and it will be good for your new home as well.

Do Not Put All the Heavy Stuff in One Box

This is actually a rookie mistake that a lot of people make when it is their first time moving homes. If you put a bunch of heavy things, like let us say a whole desktop unit into one box, you will have a really hard time carrying it. Worse, the weight of the things inside may even break the box. This is why it is more advisable to distribute the heavy things into several small boxes instead of putting them all in a big box or a few big boxes.

Pack All the Important Stuff in a Plastic Container

There are some things that you will need right away when you get to the new house. These include chargers, toiletries, a new set of clothes, some snacks, and beddings. Basically, these are the things you will need for the first night. It is essential that you pack them in a place where you can take them out easily. Do not keep them in a box because boxes still need to be unpacked. Keep them in big plastic bins that can be opened anytime you want.

If you are moving homes, you have to make sure you know how to pack your stuff properly. Packing smart is the way to go because it saves you time, energy, and space. These tips are proven and tested by professional movers who have handled many homeowners. If it works for them, it can work for you.

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