Leak detection in Houston

Leak detection in Houston

It is always an exciting feeling when you move to a new house right? But did you ensure that everything else was okay before going in? Inspecting the house for any problems might help you realize any problems on time and fix them before it’s too late.

One of the major problems you are likely to find include water leaks. The earlier you detect this problem, the more you might save and most probably avoid any disasters that might be waiting for you.

Below are some ways in which you can use to know if you are having water leakage in your house and take the necessary measures. Find more on plumbing issues here https://www.familyhandyman.com/plumbing/plumbing-repair/find-and-repair-hidden-plumbing-leaks/view-all/

  • Use the water meter

Checking your water meter is usually one of the best ways you can use to check if you are having a water leak in your house.

Using this method is pretty simple. All you have to do is to turn off every water outlet that might be in use in the house. This includes all the faucets and ensuring the washing machines and the dishwasher are not being used.

The next step is to check the meter and see if you will notice any changes. If the readings change, this means you have a fast water leak somewhere but if the meter changes after a while then you know you are dealing with a slow leak.

  • Your usage

You should probably check your water usage during the winter as recommended by the U.S environmental protection agency.

This helps in checking whether you have some leakage in your house. If for instance a family of about 3 to 4 people is using more than 13,000 gallons in a month then you know you have some issues with your plumbing system.

  • Monitor your water bill

If you notice that the amount you pay each month for your water bills keep on increasing but your usage stays the same, you know you have a problem.

You need to collect some water bills you settled in the past and try to compare them to see if there is some steady increase. Of course if your usage hasn’t changed, then your water bills should remain the same or within a close range each month.

Perhaps the problem might be with the underground piping system and this is why you should be contacting the professionals to check it out.

  • The food color technique

You know that up to 30% of your water usage goes to the toilets right? The percentage can increase with a leakage problem and that’s why it’s is important if you take a regular check to make sure they are working properly. To see if you have a leak in the toilets, add a few drops of the food coloring content to the toilet tank then wait for about 10 to 15 minutes. If you see the color showing up in the bowl then you definitely have a leakage. This allows the water to flow to the drain from the tank without even being flashed.

  • Check your exterior usage

Most people are always wrong to think that leaks can only occur inside the house. Well, they also happen outside too.

You can use a garden hose to check the outside spigots. If you notice some water seeping out through your connection when using the hose, you should consider replacing the rubber hose gasket and ensure that all the connections are done right and tight.

However, it is still a good practice to occasionally call the professionals maybe once or twice each year and let them have a look at the irrigation system you might be having at your home. Even a small leak can cost you in the long run.


If you have no idea of how you can detect the leakages in your home, you can always contact the professionals to help you.

Leak detection in Houston has never been a major problem but it is still a good idea if you can keep your water usage in check. You can actually save a lot from your water usage. Don’t be relaxed just because you think you are using water sparingly.

Water leakages are not always easy to detect but with these tips above you can be sure to save yourself a few bucks.

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