Maintaining Your Roof for Optimum Performance

If you are in the Boston area and are looking for reliable Massachusetts roofing contractors, Eagle Rivet has the most experienced roofing contractors around. You may not think your roof needs to be checked, but you may be overlooking small issues that can turn into larger ones.

We will discuss below some of the ways to use preventative roof maintenance to help maintain the health of your roof.


Removing Debris on and Around Your Roof

There is a lot of debris that will accumulate around your roof, especially after the Winter. Removing everything that you can from branches and leaves to debris will help when you have to look for roof issues such as leaks. The best time to clean your roof is during the daytime when its sunny to prevent slipping.


Inspecting Your Roof

First, you can check inside your attic for any stains that would be caused by a roof leak. After, you can check if any roof shingles are missing, cracked or peeling. You should also check for moss or mold growth. If you see any mold or mildew growth, you can gently brush it away with mild cleaner and a soft bristle brush. You may need professional help for inspecting your roof, which we suggest you always hire a professional roofer. We also suggest that you leave repairs to our professional Boston commercial roofers and do not try to repair any shingles or leaks yourself.


Taking Care of Your Gutters

Your gutters are an essential part of your roof that also needs to be taken care of along with your roof. Without properly working gutters, water can leak into your roof and even cause damage to the foundation of your home. Using a ladder, go up to the top of your gutters and carefully remove dirt and debris from the downspouts and gutters. You can get rid of additional debris with water from a garden hose and a soft bristled brush if there is remaining dirt that will not come off. If there is anything wrong with your gutters, it will be a lot easier to notice when they are cleaned.


If you need help with inspecting your roof, contact our Boston roofers today. They can help you repair or install a new roof, and keep up with preventative maintenance. You want to ensure a long life with your roof investment, which is why you need reliable contractors who use quality materials. Contact Eagle Rivet today to get a free roof evaluation!

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