Cheer’s Indoor Playground Equipment Supplier- Safety And Quality Protocols


Cheer playground equipment supplier is a manufacturer in the true sense of the word. They make their steel products and equipment with supreme quality and material.

Cheer also employs more than 1000 people in its factories in Nanjing within easy reach of the airport and high-speed rail links. Cheer also maintains a warehouse and showroom in Europe to respond quickly to our customer’s needs. The current article is all about Cheers playground equipment supplier’s quality and material protocols.

Quality protocol of Cheer playground equipment supplier

Cheer playground equipment supplier keeps the promises of solid construction, superior materials, and quality craftsmanship for children’s attractions. Cheer playground equipment supplier has been manufacturing indoor play areas since 1994 and has grown from strength to strength through its dedication to innovation and quality. It also goes almost without saying that all our equipment complies with the latest European Norms.

All the playground equipment is independently inspected by qualified engineers, whether that be TÜV inspectors in Germany, RPII, RoSPA inspectors in the UK, or APAVE inspectors in France. Cheer playground equipment supplier is also a member of the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions-IAAPA. The supplier strictly follows International Play Equipment Manufacturers Association guidelines for designing and manufacturing.

Safety protocols of Cheers playground equipment supplier

Safety is the main priority of Cheers playground equipment suppliers, and they do maintain a continuous proactive approach and seek to ensure, comply or exceed current safety standards. These include EN1176 part 10, EN1177, PAS5000, TÜV, IPEMA, APAVE, and ASTM. Cheer Amusement is an ISO-approved company with TÜV certification. All the materials and equipment are CE-certified. All the play structures are inspected independently before opening to ensure that all your play equipment is safe and complies with the latest play norms. However, the equipment is guaranteed against manufacturer’s defects for 12months.

Material protocol of Cheers playground equipment supplier.

Cheers playground equipment suppliers use the highest quality materials to ensure that the product will last as per its durability. The Cheers playground equipment supplier uses the best materials, state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies and constantly test for strength and durability.

Some competitors do point to the Chinese origin of some of the materials as a cause for concern. However, they rarely point out at the same time that the vinyl or tarpaulin covering almost the entire product is made in China and resold to them by a European Agent. The real difference is that Cheers do not pay a middle man and so can offer much better value than their European competitors. All the materials have been TUV tested and passed all the latest European Norms.

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