Which Window Grid Style Should You Choose?

Every aspect of your home decor comes down to personal preference and style. Choosing window grids is no exception. Window grids come in a wide variety of designs, colors, and styles, so there are numerous factors to consider when choosing windows grids for your home.

Grids look particularly nice on large windows, and they more commonly installed on the front of houses. If you have bay windows or other large windows, these may look very nice broken up by window grids.

Before you get into what style of grid to choose, you need to consider what type of grid. Meaning, you need to select the location of the grid on the window. In general, you’ve got three options: simulated divided lites, grids between the glass, and detachable grids.

Simulated Divided Lite

Simulated divided lite grids are permanently attached to the windows, inside and outside. This type of grid sticks out a bit from the window, providing a classic look. Simulated divided lites look lovely on older homes, especially those with wooden windows.

Grids Between the Glass

Grids between the glass windows have internal grids already installed. These are a sleeker choice that makes for a more modern look. These grids require little upkeep or repair, since they are housed within the window itself. These grids are versatile and can look nice and many different styles of windows and homes.

Detachable Grids

Detachable grids are removable, as the title indicates. Since these grids are low-commitment, they are an excellent option for anyone who might be on the fence. Because of their removability, these grids offer just a little bit less durability. They are still an attractive option for many homes.

Once you’ve selected the type of grid that will work best for your home, you’ve got to think about design. There are five general design choices when it comes to window grids, with additional variations possible for each. Your five general design choices are colonial, prairie, diamond, double prairie, and v-groove.

Colonial Grids

Colonial grids are best for classic homes. These grids look adorable on large windows, and can be installed in a contrasting color to the window frame, to give the look added drama.

Prairie Grids

Prairie grids provide a more Old West or primitive look. If your house has that rustic cottage-feel, and especially if your windows are wooden, this can be a strong look for you.

Diamond Grids

Diamond grids are the original window grid, so this look is a little more old-school. Diamond grids provide more glass coverage. Although they are waning is popularity, this is still a lovely classic look.

Double Prairie Grids

Double prairie is a minimalist look that marries Old West with modern sleek. If you hope to combine a pastoral elegance with a low-key modern essence, double prairie grids are the right choice.

V-Groove Grids

V-groove is a different kind of grid altogether, since they do not fit within types of grids detailed above. V-groove windows, which are growing in popularity, are grids etched directly into the glass. Whereas most grid styles are set in straight lines, v-grooves open the possibility of swirls, swoops, and curves.

Ultimately, choosing window grids can be a big decision with numerous options. Seek the advice of a Richmond window installation professional to find the best options for your home.


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